WHAT?! I've Been Tagged...

(that's a picture of me laughing...)

Okay, okay, what's the big idea?! I've managed to avoid being tagged for a long time, but Michelle over at Cottage Home got me. Okay, Michelle - I guess I could do this - just this once! And I love your blog, Michelle - super cute! It's my dream to visit the UK, so when I do, can you show me all of the cool shops?!

I'm supposed to list 7 random/weird facts about myself: (I'm breaking the rules, though, because I don't think I'm going to tag anyone)

1.) I love chocolate. Oh, wait, you already know that. My favorite birthday cake since I could remember, was German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Pecan Frosting. No Barbie cakes for me.

2.) I come from a humongous family on my mom's side and spent my summer days on Grandpa's ranch, which was full of cows, horses, massive fields of green alfalfa, and farm equipment lying all over the place to play on. I wanted to do nothing but ride horses all day, so that's what I attempted every chance I could. To this day, I love the smell of horse corrals, alfalfa, and a saddle shed!

3.) I'm obsessed with world history. (nerdy, huh?) It's amazing to me the origins of some areas such as Europe, who got there first, how cultures have evolved, etc.

4.) (gosh this is getting hard...) I made an All-Star cheerleading group once and could have had a trip to London (and then again to Australia) to perform, but I never raised the money and so I didn't go. I'm still mad about that!

5.) I have a VERY rare talent: Back in high school, during cheer practice, I learned to master the "fake trip-and-fall" technique. So I'd be walking past the girls (always in an uncrowded environment), stumble just right, fall down, look embarrassed, get up like nothing happened, smooth out my hair, and keep walking. My friends and I would take turns doing that and I never laughed so hard in my life!

6.) I'm from a VERY small, rural little valley in Southeast Arizona, where they grow lots of cotton. I'd spend my summers playing in the nasty ditches on the sides of the roads to keep cool. Who knows what could have been in those ditches?! Chemicals, fertilizer from other cotton fields, glass, etc.

7.) (okay, last one...whew!!!) I'm such a weird person, surely there must be something good. Oh, okay - growing up my mom would make us Spam sandwiches, complete with lettuce, tomato, the works. So I can honestly say that I LIKE SPAM, although I haven't had any since then.


About me said...

Hi Abby,
Well Im honoured!!!!!! Thanks so much for taking part in the "tag"!!!!
Isnt it hard thinking of 7 things! I was howling with laughter at the "special talent" you have! Guess what? I have exactly the talent (or did when I was about 14/15!, haven't tried it recently!)
I would love to show you around the UK if your ever over! And I may even treat you to a spam sandwich or two!!!

DeGooyer Family said...

How fun to read all of these little facts!

Chanda said...

I eat SPAM all the time. Don't judge me...