Just a Little Fun

Okay, so Chanda had the GREATEST thing ever posted on her blog and, Chanda, I hope you don't mind if I share this with everyone else but it HAS to be done! Chanda found these awesome greeting cards with a twist - they're sarcastic and highly offensive! How great is that?! All of those things you WISH you could say but don't dare - well this Etsy shop helps you do that in style. I'm DEFINITELY gonna get me a few!


And for some more fun, here are some of my favorites that I've enjoyed from Etsy:

These little felt cameo pins are so fun - I love these. I need to get one someday.

Empty George
Another card designer who tells it how it is.

This site has some of the coolest earrings: bacon and eggs, Pop Tarts, cafeteria trays, etc. They're great!

More sarcasm - magnet form.

Do you have any fun, favorite sites with some high-class, high-fashion like this?!


Tisha said...


missliss5 said...

I still am rolling laughing over those cards. Your link to them truly came on a day that I needed a good laugh!

Adrienne said...

Those cards are So great! I espcially love the one about the underwear - I recently found out that some of my YW don't wear underwear because they swear Oprah said it was unhealthy. YUK! I razz them about it so much that I think they are wearing undies on a more regular basis now. I think they need those cards!

Chanda said...

Ha ha! Spread the love.