Simple Baby Blanket

I love this blanket and you wouldn't believe how FAST it is to make! Who wouldn't want to cuddle up with something so soft?!

You know how I am with hand-made things, too! This blanket is definitely not perfect but because it's hand made, I think it has character!

Wash, dry, and press your fabric. In this case, I have a piece of cotton fabric and a piece of thick, fluffy polyester blended fabric which you SHOULD NOT IRON! It will melt.

Make sure you cut off the bands on both sides. This part of the fabric isn't stretchy and messes up the form of whatever you're making.

Lay out your fabric pieces - wrong sides together. Give yourself about 2 inches all the way around with your cotton fabric to eliminate bulk.

Turn under once, and then under again. Pin in place.

Now you're ready to stitch! I like to stitch right where the edge of the cotton fabric meets the soft fleece.

I like to start at a top corner, stitch all the way down until I'm just over the edge of the next turned-under corner, backstitch there, and end my row. Then I'll start again just like before. This way you don't have to hand-sew the corners down.

If you're comfortable sewing, this blanket MIGHT take you 20- minutes from start to finish.


missliss5 said...

I've never done it with a super soft and snuggly fabric like that. I love it!

adorable pearsons said...

for sure I will be doing this one...I adore it!

Chris & Sarah said...

Thanks Abby! I posted pictures of my first attempt it this great idea! http://zarskyfamily.blogspot.com/2008/02/baby-shower-blanket.html

stampingqueen said...

I don't even remember how - but I ran into your blog the other day and I absolutely love it! You're a women after my own heart. If only I had a little more time all the projects going on in my head.

I will definately be stopping by again soon. Love the blanket, too, I might just have to make one for my little one due in a couple of weeks!

Thanks for sharing.

Angela - Life w/ One Busy Boy said...

I just made this blanket from your pattern. You can see it here:


THanks so much for the pattern!!

Heather said...

Do you remember what this fabric is called, its adorable!! :)

Karyan said...

I realized that baby #3 didn't have any of her own blankets so I whipped up a blanket following your instructions. I love it! But I really had a hard time with the corners. How do you do them? Did you fold the soft fabric in with the cotton? Did you use any batting? Thanks again fr your inspiration!

Abby said...

Hi Karyan! I trimmed the soft fabric a little bit, but yes, I just tucked it all in together and pinned it really well. Good job making your own blanket!!! How fun to have something you make yourself!

Anonymous said...

Abby, I am new to doing stuff like this. Did you square the material and how much material did you use? I like it alot. Thank you

Kara Williams said...

I adore this! Thank you so much for sharing, I definitely will be attempting this!

Kimberly from Joyful Roots said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! I'm anxious to make one...they look so cute. How big did you make yours? I'm fairly new to sewing and am wondering how much fabric to get. Thanks!

Julia Williams said...

Those are simple lovely blanket. :D

Choofie – Onwer
baby blanket

Debra Keeler said...

What sizes do you recommend?

Abby said...

I usually just do a yard, but you can go bigger if you want. 1.25 yards would be plenty big.