New Stuff

Just an F.Y.I. - I've tweaked the links on this site and I've added a new "Aprons" category. I'm so disappointed in myself that I haven't made more aprons to put on this site since I'm obsessed with them, but alas - I'm lazy.

This photo is my cute friend, Raquel, who makes aprons and I love her stuff! You'll have to check out Sew What, her aprons-for-sale blog.

I think a cute, spunky apron would be such a great gift for that good friend of yours!


Raquel said...

Abby, you make a gal blush.
I am in the process of up dating my Apron supply, since Christmas shoppers have almost cleaned me out. You'll have to check back for the new Valentine Aprons.
I have to give credit to you. If I hadn't read your blog whick got me brainstorming about being creative, and motivated to make something, anything. So a big slobbery Thanks Abby for all your tips, and for sharing your love, and fun personality with all.

Abby said...

Thanks, Raquel! I feel slobbered on!

Tommy & DeAnn said...

Hi Abby,

I think your blog is great. You have inspired me to try some new things. Life has been so crazy this year, I forgot that life can still be creative and fun. We miss you ! DeAnn

Crystal said...

Aprons are a great gift! I'm always slopping stuff on my clothes when I cook and one of my good pals made me one for Christmas..I'll bring it to show you at the next stamp club meeting!