5 Things You Can't Live Without...

(don't you LOVE this painting?! It's always been one of my favorites! --artist is Michael Sowa) Someday I will own one of these...

Life in my world has been SO busy and hectic. Today was one of the busiest days I've had in a LONG time. I had to get up early & make bake sale treats for my son, make breakfast and put together lunches for everyone, get the kids to school, have a 30 second shower and 10 second blow-dry, fill out new paperwork for doctor office visits for myself and all three kids (got a new doctor), drive to the doctor's office in the snow...15 minutes late..., get the kids back in time for lunch and home in time to meet friend to help her with a dollhouse from "Santa". WHEW! I'm sweating just thinking about it. I was honestly so stressed that I was gonna PUKE.

Now that it's 11:00 p.m., I want nothing more than to take off my bra, climb into bed, and doze for a week. And that got me thinking... GO WITH ME ON THIS...One of the GREATEST joys I could have right now is a response from everyone who reads this blog! What are the 5 (or 6) THINGS you can't live without right now in your life?...not counting kids, family, mushy stuff like that. THINGS. PRODUCTS. You know...necessities.
I can already feel my stress melting away!

Here's mine (I think):
6.) Dishwasher
5.) Waterproof mascara
4.) Great haircut
3.) Vicky Secrets Bras - my girls never looked so good
2.) iPod
1.) Cell Phone
1+.) Computer/Internet
1 ++.) Chocolate anything


Chanda said...

Only five? I'm kind of more needy than that. I guess if I have to choose:

1. My computer
2. Breyers Ice Cream (any flavor) with fresh berries on top (any berry)
3. I'm with you on the V.S. bra - just picked a new one up today - yipee! (That's my girls talking)
4. Gym membership (for my sanity, not my body)
5. Bronzer (I'm the pastey gangsta')
6. Ballet flats (They are comfy but not scroungy)
7. Target (Need I say more?)
8. Cocomotion Machine (If you don't have one yet, GET ON IT!)

What - what's that? I'm already over five...sorry. I told you - I'm needy.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Love your blog. Love the name and the reason behind it even more.

mama bear said...

weird, totally weird. No, not your list, but the fact that I was thinking this afternoon, "it would be fun to post and ask what 5 groceries people buy, besides the staples (milk, eggs, cheese etc.) that their families couldn't live without". Guess we're sort of on the same wave-length even though we don't really know each other! :)

My list:
5) Cell phone (lame, but true)
4) digital camera- instant satisfaction!
3) good music- radio, CD's...I gotta have my tunes!
2) my new essential cut jeans from Gap...expensive but WORTH IT!
1) Smelly soaps from Bath and Body works. Washing your hands is an "experience" everytime!

Hope you enjoyed!

Erin Koch said...

Usually a lurker- I love your blog btw- ok- 5 things
1. My new digi camera.
2. My new vitori bag for me camera.
3. Cheesey christian fiction- Just finished Colorado weddings- not bad. Love it when I get an expensive book like Karen Kingsbury.
4. email- ahh not having to call people is awesome.
5. Paper towells. They*are*a*necessity around here.

Matt & Jenn said...

I totally love your blog. I check out your amazing ideas everyday. I've had these kind of days too, 60 ornaments???
1. Spin class
2. warm up pants (to the gym, to the kids school, anywhere, they're the best!)
3. My cell phone..what did we do without them?
4. Fudge!!!! Makes everything better
5. cable...for those rare down times

Abby said...

WOW!!! Imagine my elation to wake up this morning, dizzy and groggy, to find all of this?! YOU GUYS ROCK! How funny that "Mama Bear" and I were thinking the same thing - I felt your vibes, girl, that's what happened.

Okay - so now how about the rest of you? I'm loving reading these!

Abby said...

Chanda - you totally crack me up. What the heck is a Cocomotion Machine? Enlighten me - I'm dying to know!

Cambria, Greg, Alan and Molly said...

1. The internet
2. Pancakes
3. My wheat grinder, I know I am a nerd
4. My pillow
5. My mom
6. Ahhh yes- I also have the cocomotion machine. It is one of those stupid kitchen gadgets, that you think- hmmm, who buys this stuff, but really it is the handiest thing ever. It is a thing that mixes and heats your cocoa mix and water, so you have perfect hot cocoa. Very Handy.

Pattie said...

Abby you are so wonderful.
Here is my list as of right now;

1.Long thermal pants i hate being cold (tis the season for them)
2.The internet-Email-blogs-spell check..
3.My Wonderful Friends could not survive without them
4.Comments on my blog (hint- hint)
5.Homemade afghans they are so cozy
6.and of course these things from your list dishwasher,great haircuts(sometimes they are hard to come by especially in kv) and of course anything CHOCOLATE...

Pattie said...

Here's my five - you ladies have listed great things!

Blow Dryer (helps even a bad haircut)
Chapstick - Mint is my fav at the moment
Pilot Precies V5 extra fine pen
Computer/e-mail definitely can't live without.
Great fitting jeans
Manure spreader - gross I know but can't live without it

missliss5 said...

1. My digital camera and computer...they truly go hand in hand.
2. My secret stash of treats that no one else knows the location of
3. Night lights! I can peek on my kids or pee without falling off of the toilet without blinding light in my eyes.
4. Blogging/journaling---It's like therapy and so entertaining for me to blab and blab about what I am most interested in or affected by day to day.
5. Root beer floats...or anything with ice cream.
6. Long skirts in the winter....so I can skip shaving my legs during the 3.5 minutes I have twice a week to shower.
7. On that note, when Dan is home: a hot shower with the door locked so no one will bother me!
8. Walmart...don't throw rocks at me. I am in love with one stop shopping.
9. Baby wipes--I wipe the counters with them, take off my mascara, dust the computer table, smooth flyaway hairs before photo appts for my kids, scrub toothpaste off of the bathroom sink, and other more...normal uses.

Clint and Jill Reading said...

This is fun Abby. It'always family at the top of the list, but I like this "stuff" list!
1. Ben & Jerry's
2. bare minerals & waterproof mascara (the go together, right?)
3. a good book
4. the dishwasher
5. a good underwire bra (I am really hating nursing bras right now)
6. disposable diapers

I could go on all day. I love a new toothbrush (Oral B), baby wipes, Burt's Bees chapstick, mint chewing gum, my bosch, ok, I'll stop now!

Tif said...

This is cracking me up! My five (in no particular order) . . .

1) dishwasher
2) a good book in front of the fire
3) a nice long hot shower with NO interruptions
4) Bath & Body Works scents(particularly Moonlight Path and Vanilla)
5) ice cream (truly any kind!)

Chanda said...

Cocomotion is a litle machine that makes hot chocolate. Just add your milk and any hot chocolate mix and turn it on. It mixes AND warms your cocoa (to the PERFECT temperature every time) and makes a little frothy foam on the top. It makes even the cheapest hot chocoloate seem like a lavish beverage. It's made by Mr. Coffee and goes for about $35. I've gotten $350 worth of use out of mine. (and five pounds - note to self: LAY OFF THE CHOCOLATE, WOMAN!)

Angela said...

How fun is this! My eyes are getting blurry from being glued to the screen reading all these lists. Here's mine:

1. The computer, email, blogs, etc
2. My cell phone, oh and my blue-tooth! (just got one- they are wonderful! I just hope I don't lose it- being so small)
3. Target and Wally-World (Wal-mart)
4. Good girlfriends and sisters!
5. Chocolate anything!!!
6. My dinner group (we make dinners for each other once a month, exchange and put in freezer- Woo-Hoo!!)

Oh yeah, I have the hot chocolate machine too but mine is called Cocoa Latte by "Back to Basics". I had gone to Bed, Bath & Beyond a couple years ago, looking for the Cocomotion becasue my girlfriend loved hers, but ended up getting this one. It stays out on my counter this time of year because we use it so much! Mmmm... I think I'm going to go make me and my hubby some hot choco right now, then go watch The Office (from earlier).

Lynaya said...

OK, I have thought it over and here is my final list...
1. COOL WHIP, If I am not careful I can eat a whole thing by myself.
2.good Christmas music
3. crochet hook
4. ribbon, ribbon, and more ribbon
5. internet (family blogs and email)

Chris & Sarah said...

1. My sewing machine
2. Chocolate
3. My new pilates dvd
4. digi camera
5. a fantastic bra (nursing bras stink!)

Abby said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This has been more fun than mud wrestling! (long story...) So many different responses! Looks like I need to get my hands on a Cocomotion.

You guys are SO STINKING COOL - seriously - this has been a blast! Now if someone could put this all to music, (picture Fraulein Maria singing in her bedroom to a bunch of kids scared of the rain), that would be the ultimate.

Happy Hath said...

Oh man, only five? HMMMMM
#1, for sure, DIET COKE!!
The amazing internet
A new venus razor
and last but certainly not least, pacifers...every baby needs a plug! Just kidding!!

Wow we are such blessed/spoiled women!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG, thanks for sharing your incredible talents!! I want to be just like you when I grow up!

Tisha said...

Okay here is my list (in no particular order)

2. my Roomba vacuum cleaner (yes, it's a robot vacuum that vacuums for you, it even goes under beds and couches!!!!!
3. My ipod & xm satellite radio
4. my vita-mix blender (silly I know, but it has a 2 horsepower motor). You can do some serious blending!
5. LUNCH DATES with friends! It SAVES my sanity!!!

Angela said...

Oh, how could I forget one of my MOST used favorite things not to live without- BABY WIPES!! I used so many of them today, not only on my baby's lil' bum, but on all of my kids' faces after dinner and before our piano recital, on sticky little fingers while out, sticky spots in my van, and on my own shirt- all today! I buy the big box of Kirkland brand wipes at Costco- so handy!!

Angela said...

I just want to say- Abby, I LOVE this blog. Seriously, I'm addicted!! Thank you for sharing your awesome talents and for all your fabulous ideas! You are so fun. If you were in my ward, we'd be friends! :) Love ya!

Marci said...

My top five:
1. Diet Pepsi - cannot live without!
2. My cell phone - if I'm driving, I'm talking - let's just say with 5 kids and living in the middle of nowhere, I use up a lot of minutes each month.
3. My slippers - I have had them for almost 8 years, they've been everywhere with me.
4. Sugar in any form, it doesn't have to be chocolate all the time. I love the sour gummy watermelons AND jr mints and most any thing I can get my hands on.
5. Internet/blogs/e-mail.
Abby, thanks for your blog. It makes my day.

Tara said...

1. a car so i can get out of the house
2. my library card so i can have thousands of great books and cd's constantly on hand
3. computer and internet, wikipedia and blogs, so i can be intertained and informed anytime.
4. the perfect pillow
5. a bath bomb from lush. all natural essential oils.hmmm.

Crystal said...

Hey Abby! Still got your stampin stuff...I swear you will have it this week!

Anyway, for me it must be...

1. My husband....
2. Chocolate...
3. My stampin stuff...
4. The internet...
5. Warm snuggly clothes! BRRRR.

Raquel said...

I am thinking of things that might not have been mentioned.

1.Microwave. How would we reheat, or get the kids to cook?
2.Hand Me Downs. Clothes, Furniture
3.A good laugh. Heard once, that 10 min. of deep belly laughing is equal to 30 min. cardio.
4. Bed time. In clean sheets.
5. A full nights sleep. No babies waking up at night.

Ahhh. Life is good.