Great Balls of Fire

This is my creation from last year that I have to share with you. I have the cutest little tree out front and I wanted little "fruits" to go in my little tree SO bad! I was NOT going to spend $10 per ball at the store, so I made my own. I grew up with the idea that you can do anything with duct tape and some imagination - SO TRUE!

My little great balls of fire were created by wadding up dozens of plastic grocery bags together (save the earth) in a spherical-form and wrapping them with masking tape. Then I wrapped a string of red lights around each ball and secured it by wrapping a little wire around it. It took some thinking to get them all strung together, but it worked!

So this is the second year I've been able to use my beautiful little fruits and I LOVE it! Living here in the Arctic plays with your head a bit because every living thing outdoors is DEAD, gray, and covered with snow. At least I can feel like I have a fruit tree at night.


adorable pearsons said...

I hadn't checked the blog for a few days and felt SOOOO behind; but absolutely loved reading all of the new posts. Adorable tree, creative outside tree, yummy treats- what more could a blog offer? Oh and my five things:
1.mouthwash (nothing is easier for a quick breath freshener)
2.Windex- use it on EVERYTHING
3.Hair Straightener- so fast and gives a nice look
4. mini van- got to love my loser cruiser
5. BLOGS- they help make me sane!

missliss5 said...

That is sooooo cute! Great job! (Need anymore Walmart bags?....LOL!)

Raquel said...

So great. I guess christmas in AZ. has fruit on the trees in the winter?

Chanda said...

Dang - there really is no limit to your creativity!

Abby said...

RAQUEL?! Is that you? Oh my goodness, I miss you like crazy. (Raquel is one of those cute girls who livens up everything!) It's good to hear from you!

DeGooyer Family said...

What a creative idea!!

Raquel said...

So funny Abby. I have been secretly snooping your Blog for some time now. I always wanted to post a comment, but was just to darn Lazy to sign in an account. Glad I did so we can now converse with each other. You really have motivated me with all your fun challenges.
Hey, I want to see some pics of this famously beautiful home of yours. Show off your DR. pad!!

Abby said...

What you talkin' 'bout, Willis? My house?! It's just a cute little house in Michigan, who says it's a famously beautiful Doctor pad?! (Silly!)

Raquel, you CRACK me up! I'm glad you're 'out of the closet' now and have a Google account so we can be blog nerds together!