Music Junky

(Chanda, this is in honor of you!!!)

I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for some good tunes and I realize that not everybody likes the same music, but here are some of my FAVORITES that keep me going through my Holiday projects...

(you can only listen to SO much Christmas music.)

Blake Lewis - Audio Daydream
I'm not embarrased to say that I watched Blake through his American Idol stint and I've always liked his style. I like just about everything on this new album.

OneRepublic is fast becoming one of my favorites. If you like the Fray, you'll like these guys. Dude plays his own piano, too! "Stop and Stare" is on my repeat button.

Dashboard Confessional -"Stolen" - go get it.

Does anyone out there have some good suggestions? I'm always up for some new stuff.


Chanda said...

Aggghh! Thanks! So I totally loved Blake on A.I. and I love his new album. What a stud! (Do people still say "stud"?) If not, let's bring it back 'cause he's a total stud.

I came across a fairly new album by Graham Colton called "Here Right Now". I really like it.

Abby said...

I say 'stud' all of the time! It's one of my favorite terms of endearment! Nevermind that it means a male horse used for his, let's say, "breeding" skills. I concur that Blake is a stud. (the cool kind, not the horse kind.)

Tif said...

I love Blake as well! Never missed an episode of AI while he was on!! I haven't checked out his new album yet, but I'm going to now!!! :)