Not Ready Yet!!

Sorry!!  For the Craft-Along, I just won't be ready until Monday or Tuesday.  My Love Nugget had the week off and we've been out and about, getting things done, and playing out in the desert with some good friends.  We found a NEW friend, though.  {yikes}  Can you see it?!

 He's beautiful/frightening/creepy!!!  {Not sure if it's a he or she...didn't get close enough to check. Something about "poison" and "lock-jaw" kept me at a safe distance!}

 Happy Halloween!!!

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DianaJ said...

Oh yes. We had one if those Gila monsters in our back yard and my kids and I were watching it in awe. I had no idea they were poisonous until my kids told me. North east mesa is being developed so we think its home was being disturbed. I am learning to love the desert :).