Craft-Along Gathering Process

Okay!!!  We have some interest, so let's make some cute stuff together!!  For now, I think that the hoops, trees, and Photo Challenge will be plenty of work!  : )  You can pick one, two, or all three - and we will have a  new Flickr page to share our work together!!

START DATE:  November 1st
This will allow everybody to gather the needed supplies.  

I'm moving a little slow this week…it's crazy busy and I've got some nasty cold virus that has knocked me down, but so far I've been able to gather a few supplies:

I have:  six 8-inch wooden hoops

cream-colored fabric - from Wal-Mart.  It was only about $3.00/yard and each is a little different.  The lighter color is super sturdy, canvas-like, and would hold up well.  The speckly fabric is a lightweight linen-type fabric, which is probably what I'll use for my project.  

I ordered a multi-pack, as well as 5 Moss, and 5 Grassy Meadows.  I love this felt - it's good quality wool felt and will stitch up beautifully!!  For my trees, I want to try a two-tone look, so I will experiment with both of these green colors.

The rest should be pretty easy.  Some cute quilting cotton fabric for the figures on the hoops, some wood for our trees, foam cones for trees, and embroidery thread for both projects.  

Also, I just ordered some wood slices from Placecard Holder Shop
I submitted a "custom request" for three disks, 1.5 inches tall by 3 inches around
I have no idea what this will cost, but I will let you know when I hear back from them.  Shouldn't be too pricey.  If  you have a way of cutting your own, feel free to do that.  

Go ahead and gather supplies, I will keep working on organizing this fun Craft-Along, and we will all get started!! 
Have a happy day!!  

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