Football, Outings & Photoshop

What's happening?!  
Busy life is happening for us, and it's a beautiful thing.  

There are SO many things to love with the oncoming of each new season!  I guess I just love it all!!!  Just when I think spring is my favorite, I then decide summer is my favorite.  But then back-to-school is my TOTAL favorite, and then October comes and I can't believe how much October is my FAVORITE.  Then the weather starts to cool and I remember that Thanksgiving and Christmas are my ultimate favorite.  I think I have a problem…

October marks the beginning of my favorites, though - General Conference, Halloween (only because my baby girl LOVES to dress up and my little guy is on the cusp of getting "too old" for Halloween…whatever that means…), Christmas crafting {squeal!}, and getting ready for the Thanksgiving & Christmas season.  

Way to go, October - you rock.  The fun just SNOWBALLS from here!!  (might I add that snow is one thing I seriously don't miss…like, AT ALL.)

My {adorable} mom & daughter at the General Women's Meeting.
What an amazing time to feel united, uplifted, and strengthened!!!  And with two of my favorite girls!!!
If you ever need a lift, regardless of your religious beliefs, go check out the articles/videos of this meeting!  

Football Carpool!  This little girl can rarely stay awake when we have to haul kids all over town after school.  She plays SO HARD all day long!!!  She can't even finish her snack.

Took the kids to their first ever Arizona Wildcats football game!  Talk about FUN!!!
Sad, sad loss, though - the Cat's undefeated streak was broken….we might have cried a little.

This sold-out stadium is starting to fill up - we are about 45 minutes before start-time.  There was SO much excitement, energy, and noise!  It was a good time!!  

We still love our Cats!

My baby girl continues to be the driving force in our family - she NEVER slows down!  She's either making art, making me laugh, making me crazy, making messes, and always wearing something crazy. I love it.  We just want to hold on to her and make the most of every second since she's the last one.  

 And…what would we do without cell phone cameras?  We wouldn't be able to snap that random picture of a cactus blossom.    Isn't it gorgeous?!

…or that brief sunset…monsoon majesty right here.  And that's our Gila Valley temple - isn't she grand?!

Coming along…slowly…piecing this beauty together.  This was going to be for my daughter's birthday a long time ago, and now that it has taken me so long, I'm wondering if I just want to keep it on the couch!!  Not sure…but I'm sad to discover that I don't love all of the colors anymore.  At first I did, and then it's worn off…so much work for something I'm not madly in love with.  Oh well.  Must finish it!!  

 Another outing…can you believe that this is all in our backyard?!  We just take a little drive and we're in different terrain.  It's wonderful!

These beauties were NOT excited to have visitors.  They wouldn't let me get too close.  Simmer down, ladies.  I just want a picture.

Sun setting below the hilltops.  I LOVE this time of day when everything is drenched in that warm, golden light!  

And…it's senior picture time! For family, I'll do picture freebies and I had SO much fun with these two.  I've got one more girl to do.  Photoshop has been my BFF lately.  This takes up HOURS of my time, but it's SO worth it.  I love creating beautiful pictures and showing these girls how gorgeous they are.  It's a very fulfilling hobby - one that I love to share.  :)

Have a Happy Day!!!!  

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