Strep, Fitness Challenge, and Snow

Okay, first things first - I've been on 'break' for the past few days on account of my strep throat issues.  {gag}  Have you ever had strep?!  It's strong enough to knock a horse down.  Luckily I've got some good meds and feeling SO much better, so now I can peel myself from the couch and shower for heaven's sake.  Gross.

In the meantime...I'm still collecting and logging in all of you who have paid thus far.  Because I've had kids clawing at me all day and because I'll have kids clawing at me all day tomorrow, I'm moving a little slow but I'm hoping to have a final list posted by tomorrow afternoon.  Stay tuned!!  If your check is in the mail, DON'T PANIC.  If you need to use Paypal, feel free to use my email address.

And whatta whopper of a snowstorm we got over here!!!  I don't think my area got hit as hard as most of the country, but we got a good amount of snow.  I love it!!!  If we're going to get a storm, for heaven's sake, make it a good one!!!

Here's the wall-o-snow out my front door.  It doesn't look like much in the photo, but if I were to stand in the snow right there, it would be up to my knee caps.  Yeeeeahhh.

Can  you see the snow blowing?!  Well, it is. 

...and here, too.  All that white fuzz is a whole mess of snow coming down.  

...speaking of messes...my little Baby Spaz.  I realize she doesn't look like she could trip you up, slap you sideways, fling slime, and destroy anything in her path, but she can.  She can also laugh so hard, dance like a maniac, and snuggle.  I love this little creature!

She walks now. Totally.  On her own.  What has happened to my little baby?!  She's practically an adult now.  One year old in a couple of weeks.  My goodness.

aaaand...this is what I do when I'm trying to loose weight in a blizzard. {cringe!} 
 Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies.  {heaven in your mouth}

Don't you want one?!  They're warm, gooey, and so incredibly rich and chocolatey with a tiny hint of toasted coconut.  Heaven.

mmmmm....what a good day!


Cole's Corner said...

YES I want one!!! Yum.

Hands Sew Full said...

OK those cookies look so good! I've had strep and it is nasty! Hope you feel better soon!

Smash Knits said...

I Paypal-ed my $10 to you - so hopefully I'm on the list! Hope you are feeling better and here's to everyone being a lot fitter by April Fool's!

missliss5/Melissa said...

Ohh Abby she is such a beautiful little sugar! And I so want some cookies!. And strep sucks so bad, I hope you heal quickly!

Jori said...

You are brilliant! I b-lined for Target and dollar tree and made two different stands! Thank you!!

Shawnee H said...

Oh, I forgot AGAIN to mail my check! Is there still time for PayPal ... if not, I totally understand.

shawneeh at yahoo.com