Happy Valentine's Day!

Sending out a big, fat, yummy love to all of you!!!
Even though I'm not into all the lovey-gushy-romancy stuff for Valentine's Day, it's still a fun time to tell everyone around you how much you love them!  (and decorate the heck out of everything with red and pink hearts...)

It's too bad, really, that I don't want to do anything today.  I don't want to shower, exercise, go anywhere, do anything.  Is that scrooge-ness or what?!  Did I mention that I've been up since 5 a.m. with a baby and my sick 5-year-old?  And that my agenda today consists of laundry, dishes, and grocery shopping?  {ewwww!!!} Nevermind...I'm going to hide in a cave today.

Wanna hear the worst of it?!  Don't tell anyone, but because I'm all out of eggs (and pretty much everything else) and because I have to bring sugar cookies to my daugher's V-day party and because I don't stress if I can't do everything---I HAVE TO BUY THEM!!!  {gasp!!!}  How embarrassing!!!  Don't worry---I totally have a plan.  I'll slip in unnoticed, hide them amongst the other party goods, and pretend to be all surprised at the AMAZING-looking cardboard cookies in the plastic bakery container!  hmmm.  Not feeling it.  Maybe...I could arrange them on one of my serving platter thingies and fake it that I made them!  Is that like telling a lie? Maybe if I put a Wal-Mart sticker on one of the cookies or something?  Don't worry---I'm a survivor and I can manage this little disaster.  

Happy Valentine's to you - and here's to hoping that you feel loved today!!!


Lynaya said...

My rule for cookies and cupcakes at school is that they have to be store bought. I'm sure they are safer that way. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Melissa said...

:) Our school doesn't allow homemade items. It is such a LOVELY thing! :)

Hope you enjoy your day.

Julie said...

I am So not above store bought sugar cookies! They're delish!

Abby said...

haha! I'm not that much opposed to it - it all worked out great!

Amy Ragsdale said...

(late commenter)

...and the kids don't care if it's homemade or not. If it has colored frosting on it, right?