Simple Cake/Candy/Party Stand

I'm just re-posting this tutorial from the guest spot I did at the Crafting Chicks so that I have it on my blog for archival purposes.  Thanks again, Kadie, for the wonderful idea - yer amazing!!

...and it takes 2 seconds to make...wahoo!

Isn't it ADORABLE?!  

 I found a cup for $1.99, a plate for $1.99, and some "Quick Grip" for $4.99. 

Remove those tacky stickers....

Apply a bunch of glue to the bottom of the glass...

Center it on the plate, and press down.  I was able to find a seriously awesome weight to press down on my glass.  Use anything heavy.

After a couple of hours, my stand was all ready for me to fill 'er up.  EASY, right?!

NOW here's where you get creative and have some fun.  You can make a variety of stands - you just have to get creative!  If you have a birthday party, random event, special holiday, mix and match your options.  When yard sale season comes up, keep a look-out and stock up on random dishes and glass stand items.  You'd be surprised at the great stuff you'll find for CHEAP!  

**ALSO, some ladies commented about using Velcro instead of glue so you can mix & match whenever you want.  Great idea, girls! I'll have to try that idea out sometime.

Some cute glass filler ideas are:  marbles, gum balls, hard candy that won't spoil over time, colored beads, or whatever your theme might be.  Party stores and dollar stores are full of small items that would be a lot of fun.

Fill glass containers with something fun...

 I'm in LOVE with this polka-dot plate from Target!!! 

This is a ceramic ice cream dish I found on clearance

And look at this cute little heart-shaped candy dish!  I found it at Target a few years ago on clearance and it looks great on this candlestick holder!  (Can you tell I live at Target?)

Add a cute plate in the mix...

You've now got a double-decker!  

You can even get creative with non-dish items like this cute nest-basket I found at the Pottery Barn outlet.  LOVE it!!!

This plate is an old, vintage tin plate on top of a candlestick I got at a yard sale.  I LOVE this one!!

Same vintage plate on top of a Mason jar filled with cherries.  Makes a great summer serving platter.

The possibilites are endless!!!  Go have some FUN with that glue!!!


lovetostitch said...

This is one of those *slap your forehead*.... why didn't I think of that moment!!! So cute! Thanks!

Lynaya said...

I like the Velcro idea. That would make it more fun and easier to store.

Suz said...

Can't stand it. These are toooooo cute!


Shawnee H said...

Is the glue removable? Otherwise I think the cherries would mold ... eww. LOVE the tute'!

Abby said...

baaaahaha!!! The cherries are fake! That would be pretty gross to use real ones - maybe I need to specify fake more clearly - what if someone actually used real cherries?!

Tiffany said...

OMGoodness, I love this! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

Granny J said...

Hi Abby,
Thanks for this idea...we used it for our RS Birthday Party. I posted pics on facebook (Ruidoso Relief Society). We also used velcro and they were fantastic!