Cooking 101-Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

Okay, so let me paint a picture for you - clap if you can relate: I'm tired out of my mind, yesterday was traumatic, this whole week has been traumatic (I'll explain later), this morning was "late start" for school which means I had a chance to sleep in, but NO, babies don't know what that means, so we all got up, I had four kids up and eager to talk at my face for 2 hours while I'm vigorously rubbing sleep out of my eyes, trying so hard to stay awake.  Milk in the fridge is sour, there's nothing to eat for breakfast. Baby got to 'play' in the toilet (silence means trouble), therefore needing a bath, there are no clean pants for the kids, and I have Christmas decorations strung out all over my living room.  Have you ever had a day like that?!  

SO...got kids fed and off on school busses with lots of love from mom, put baby down for a much needed nap, and as I was standing in my kitchen STARVING, I decided it was a day for.....my ultimate breakfast sandwich. {gasp!} Do you see how marvelous this all comes together?!

You HAVE to try this if you're a fan of this type of breakfast/brunch food.  Some people despise eggs, so those wierdos can ignore this post - but the rest of you will definitely want to try this!

Fresh Ciabatta buns - cut one in half 

One or two eggs, cooked with a little olive oil, salt & pepper 

Swiss Gruyere cheese - mmmmmm.... (no substitutes-do yourself a favor)

Hickory smoked turkey - needs to be smoked on account of the great flavor

Grill bread with a little butter on a cast iron skillet, grill turkey a little on both sides...

Assemble with a little cheese in between and get a fork and knife because breakfast just got exciting!  This is SO good with a cup of cocoa, too.  These flavor combinations are really, really incredible!!!

...kinda makes a hectic morning melt away.


Chris said...

Yum. I am so hungry after shoveling the snow off our driveway.

Emily said...

mmm, this looks delicious! i will definitely have to try it out!

Sarah said...

Um, YUM!! We totally had one of these for lunch with leftover turkey from thanksgiving (and no egg). It was scrumptious! thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

That looks delicious!

SewSara said...

ah yes ........... add a diet coke and that's perfection!
i love bfast sandwiches!

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh - thank you!! This looks amazing! Less carbs since it is open-faced too. I've been sick of everything I have to eat and am so excited to make this!

Tracy P. said...

Okay, I just got back from Germany, and that is a breakfast I might have had there, minus a hot egg. NO, I'm not a wierdo, I just didn't see many eggs over there.

Last night I had the most excellent dinner, check this out. A slice from a walnut and raisin wheat loaf, topped with spicy mustard (brought back from Germany), then a sliced of ham, slice of farmers cheese (good old ikea), and melted in the microwave for 30 seconds...HEAVEN!

Sare said...

Oh my! Why am I reading this early SUnday morning...dang, can't go to the store. Wishing I had all of those items. I will have to sub with the sliced bread, and some other random cheese (it is my new goal to try a random cheese everytime I go to Trader Joe's...if you don't have that store, you need to visit California).
Thanks for another awesome recipe!

Amber H. said...

Y-U-M Abby! I LOVE Swiss Gruyere cheese. People always think Josh and I are weird cause we eat all different kinds of cheese, but it seriously adds a whole new dimension to food. I just wish there was somewhere around here we could buy ciabatta bread. looks great though!