Happy New Years!

You all have a great New Year's celebration!  {even if it's sitting on the couch with the TV!}  Our New Year's tradition is to have a movie night and slumber party/movie marathon in the living room with popcorn, milkshakes or whatever kind of junk I feel like feeding my kids!  It's the ONE time a year they get to do this, so it's quite exciting.  We're mixing it up a bit this year, but they're still going to have fun.

Now with the holiday festivities over and school going to start back up again, maybe, just maybe I'll get to actually pull out a project and relax.  Okay, wishful thinking...but a girl can dream, right?!

Happy New Year's!  What are you guys doing tonight?!

...oh, and as a gift to myself while I clean the house, take down decor, and have some "me" time while I work, I downloaded "The Help" from Audible.com - worth every penny.  Best book I've listened to in a LONG, long time.  For me, it's more fun to listen to a story like this because the voices bring the story to life.  At this rate, I'll get the whole house cleaned up and not even notice I've been working!!!  yessssss.


Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

I haven't read the book yet -- but have heard great things. Check if your local library lets you download audio books for free. We can borrow them from our library and download them straight to an ipod!

Kristi said...

I LOVED The Help! First I read it and then I listened to it on my ipod because I just KNEW I would love the voices of the ladies. Happy New Year!

Shawna said...

Hey Abby! Thanks for your kind words on fb. You're awesome.
I just started reading the help for book club this month and it's a fun read too. I can't help but pronounce all the words in my mind with the accent because of the way it's written.
Happy New Year!

Jen T said...

I loved The Help, but I just read it. Glad you liked it! Happy New Year to you too! Love visiting your blog!

miss lex: said...

I absolutely LOVED that book!! good choice!!

Kimberly said...

I know I'm reading this post a little late but I agree completely -- it's a great book & I highly recommend it to anyone!