Lemonade Award

Well goodness! Angela from The Creative Homemaker gave me a Lemonade Award today and she totally made my day! The Lemonade Award is about "good attitude and gratitude" so thanks, Angela, I'm totally grateful! (oh, and go check out her blog - it's loaded with great stuff.) I've never received an award before, so I'm all choked up and can't see through my tears...just kidding - but I'm not grouchy anymore, so that's good, right?!

Since I don't do tags, pass-alongs, and what-not, I'll list a few random things that give me a good attitude...that I'm thankful for...and stuff...

(in no particular order)

Chocolate (okay, but chocolate is always #1 on any of my lists)
Colorful flowers
A great pair of jeans
New shoes
New perfume
Okay...new anything...
Finishing a project
Fresh-bathed kids (my own, of course)
A good friend
Watching those trip-and-fall videos on TV (I know, I know, it's really awful of me...but I can't help it that it's hilarious...totally makes my attitude good...not very many things make me laugh harder...)
Southern phrases like "I'll be along direc'ly", and "Happier'n a tick on a fat dog" and stuff like that - my mood always perks up when I hear stuff like that!
Quiet time with a book and my soft, warm bed
A good home-cooked dinner
Desserts that look all fancy
Kids in bed early with NO idea what to do with myself! (I love that! I'll just wander around the house smiling!!!)

Okay well my kids are killing each other...so I'll wrap this up. Thanks, again, Angela! You rock!

I know you're out there...I want to hear what puts YOU in a good mood!


Jody Blue said...

A good snow fall. The dog curled up on the rug. Kids who clean up after themselves. A day when your devotional speaks right to your heart. My husband laughing. Just to name a few.

Cary Hairbows said...

Congrats on your award!

I love random acts of kindness...a kindness from a total stranger or even my husband shocking me by doing some cleaning up around the house. I am easy...clean my house and I will love you forever and forever! ;)

Have a great week!

So blessed! said...

Congrats! Angela is right..you deserve the award. A good attitude is hard to keep these days, my mom calls them "A tude". I try to keep my "tudes" adjusted, but some days are harder than others.
Here are just a couple of things that put me in a good mood.
-a great cup of coffee
-a back scratch froma friend
-a card in the mail (I still love getting mail in the mailbox)
-a devotional by Liz Curtis Higgs(she is hilarious)

SoBella Creations said...

Congrats on the award! When my kids are acting nice to each other puts me in a good mood.

Amy said...

My 8 month old is FINALLY sleeping all night:) Clean windows make me happy!

Jen T said...

Just found your blog, and like it, and that makes me happy. When my hubby brings me flowers, when my kids pratice piano without complaining makes me really happy, and date nights on Friday make me the happiest!

Lynaya said...

Making something cute always puts me in a good mood, leaving my wild kids with my husband while I go out, taking a walk (preferably with a friend), a quite house when the kids are in bed, a clean house...that is just a few.

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

I love a clean house. Happy Children. A good book and a glass of pink lemonade... (oh my list could go on and on)!! Thanks for the happy post.

C Maisy said...

Congrats on the award.
Let see...what puts me in a good mood...
A wonderful cup of delicious coffee.
Being with great people.
Decorating my house.
Talking to my kids
Spending time with my family.
Getting just a few moments of "Amy" time.
Reading my bible.
Focusing on others.
Painting Furniture.
Wow...thanks for asking :)


Hello! I thought I would let you know that I mentioned your simple apron tutorial on my blog yesterday. I love it. thanks.