Cheap Valentine Decor

So what's the DEAL with stores and the lack of cute Valentine decor? (note that I specified cute - not those creepy crepe paper fold-outs) (sorry if you like those...) And to make matters worse, I can't find my box of Valentine stuff - and now I'm wondering if I even have a box of Valentine stuff. (and where's that Mercedes I swear was in the garage?)

Anyway - I raided the clearance rack at J0-Ann's in a desperate need to surround myself with all things red, pink, and glittery, so here are my findings: glitter heart ornaments and a cute garland that did not contain foil anything. That's it - that's all I could find. VERY cool, however. I think it all cost me $5.00. Awesome, eh?! (The tree branches were free - they came from my front yard.)

If you like the heart ornament thing and can't find any at the stores, you can make some cute ones with felt or fabric. You wouldn't have to sew anything if you iron two pieces of fabric together with fusible webbing in-between and cut them out with pinking shears, then attach string for hanging with strong fabric glue. That would be so cute - too bad I'm lazy and don't have time!

My flowers here are part of a revolving collection I have in my craft area. Any time there are great sales on floral, I snatch up a bunch of random pieces for each season/holiday so I always have something pretty to put in a vase when I need it. A little splash of cheap ribbon makes anything so much more festive and exciting! (that goes for you, too, ladies...wrap yourself up! hehe)

So there you have it - Valentine's Day on a budget. I also have a stash of cute V-day plates and a vinyl table cloth on which I serve up a special breakfast on the big day. The kids love it and look forward to it. Now is the time to get them (Target has some cute ones) since they're all being marked down.

I love you, Valentine's Day!


So blessed! said...

I'm all for a great deal! We all have to find ways to be creative without spending tons of money. By George, I think you've done it! CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Wow are those flowers really fake? They look amazingly real and beautiful! Good tip for snatching flowers up at the craft store for a good pick me up around any season/holiday!

avagdro said...

Thank you Abby,It's a great approach to go for handmade gifts which show more love.You did it ,a great job indeed.Wish you and all beforehand a Joyful Valentine's day.

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Annie said...

The hearts bouquet is just perfect! I can't wait to go on a nature walk tomorrow and find some branches! Annie - No Fuss Fabulous

SoBella Creations said...

I love the heart scarf and heart tree.

No Fuss Fabulous said...

I just found your site and what can I say?!?! I love it. You have fun posts. Let's definitely become blog friends.

- Loralee