Enjoying Summer

For those of you wondering if I've been holed up in a cave, (sounds nice, though) I've just been having a BLAST enjoying these fleeting summer months! I haven't done much by way of projects being that it's summer and we're ALWAYS outside doing something - but that just means that my projects pile is getting bigger!

In the meantime - check out how much fun a $6.00 wading pool can be when placed on a trampoline with three bored children! Sweet.

And my lilies are officially bloomed. I absolutely LOVE this color.

For those of you needing something fun to do, check out these sites:
Molly Chicken - fabric pom pom hangers
Joy's Hope - cute tubs
Make and Takes - stuff to do with kids

AND!!! On the Food Network last night, we watched "Food Network Challenge" and the challenge was PIES! Each contestant had to make three different pies and were judged on each one - my mouth was WATERING through the whole episode!!! So here is the link for all of the recipes!


missliss5/Melissa said...

I so love the pool on the trampoline fun. Our kids about killed our trampoline by overfilling the pool. Guess they should have done more JUMPING like your cute kiddos!

Ryan and Susie said...

I just found your blog through my friend Carina. I was wondering what kind of camera you have? Your pictures are gorgeous.

I love the hydrangeas. They're my favorite flower. Those pictures are making me homesick! I'm originally from Ohio but and living in Utah right now.

Jenni said...

We love the trampoline and water. My kids favorite thing to do it to put the sprinkler under the tramp while they jump.

Sarah said...

Oh how fun! Water play is always the best.

Oh and please drop by my blog and check out the awrd I gave you!

Mandy said...

One of my girlfriends just emailed me your site, it's fabulous! I'm not too crafty, so this was inspiring! Thanks for all the great ideas!! Although I'm definitely no crafter, I CAN cook, I have a cooking for kids blog at:
www.gourmetmomonthego.blogspot.com. I'd love any ideas you have for it!

Sandi said...

What a great way for kids to keep cool in summer. Looks like fun!
I love to look in on your blog from time to time - it's just lovely.
Your hydrangeas are beautiful, such a pretty pink. I have just cut mine back as it is winter here in Australia.(I have blue hydrangeas).

Chelsea Van Tol said...

Pie cooling in the window = the cutest thing ever. I have always wanted to do that :P