It's Apron Time!!!

(a view out my front door - penguins in the arctic...)

Not really, but we might as well have penguins here. They'd survive just fine.

Just a reminder - don't forget to have your aprons in the mail by Monday if you haven't mailed them already!!! (my goal is to be done by Friday!)

And don't forget to include a funny story or something interesting about yourself!!!

And where are all of the pictures?! I'm dying to see what you guys made! (or bought)


Anne Thompson said...

aprons! crochet! cookies! You have the best blog ever! I was surfing around and came across your site, I had so much fun looking around! I'll be sure to come back! Anne

matt and brynn said...
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Nicole said...

that penguin is quite enthused . . . i bet he's thinking about aprons. :-)

i just stopped by for the first time. i'm gonna do a bit more snooping around.

TXPride said...

Sorry my camera was not working when I mailed mine off.

Jill said...

I just finished today! ;) I'm so glad it's done. I will download the picture from my camera tomorrow and post it soon.

Erna said...

...almost finished!! If the rain stops by tomorrow morning I'll make a picture and post it :)

kates said...

okay, well it took me two days to figure out the flikr thing... but I got mt pics up. I was an hour late to the post office though, so my apron won't go out until monday...sorry

kates said...

i'm trying to add the flickr thing to my blog like you have it on the side of yours so people can click on the photos and see them in flickr... can't figure out how. Could you email me?