Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you find loving things all around you!

Here are some things I LOVE:

A baby's laugh
A big bear hug (& kisses!) from my cute husband
Movie nights (and a good movie)
Watching my children have fun
A warm cookie
A clean house (a rare treat)
Chocolate, of course (silly)
A springtime garden
Sunny days

The list could go on and on, but I'll stop there because I have to get kids off to school. If you have time, I'd love to hear about some things YOU love!

Have a great day!!!


Erna said...

Love those things you named too!

My favorites:

smell of homemade bread
first cup of hot tea in the morning
wrap a gift for someone special

so far for now...
need some sleep :)
have a nice day

Tif said...

Here's a few of my favorite loves . . .

My son's adorable belly laugh and actually everything little new thing he does or says!
My hubby and everything about him (except his recent absences)!
The feeling of a new baby stirring in your belly!
A clean house (which is not very often around here anymore)!

That's all I can think of for now, but I know that there is more! Hope you have a great V-day!! :)

Lynaya said...


My husband and the food he cooks
My three year olds' red hair
Cato clothing
Cute little girl dresses
Hair bows
A clean house (I love all 15 minutes of it)
I really love my new mini van
I even love my children, sometimes

Kristine said...

I love the smell of a new baby after a bath, cookies straight out of the oven, a note from a friend, and visiting family.

Clint and Jill Reading said...

My favorites:

My two year old saying "Hi, mama"
My 6 month old grinning when I walk into the room
A clean house (what does that feel like on a normal basis?)
Being with my extended family
Waking up because I feel like it, not because someone needs me

I'm sure there are more on my list, but that's a pretty good day for me!

Amy said...

I love:
-holding hands
-fingernail polish
-Ben & Jerry's
-the glow of a candle
-the smell of bread and cookies (not combined of course)
-my neices smiles and giggles
-my husbands embrace