NOT in the mood to cook...

There are days when you just CAN'T bring yourself around to cooking anything for dinner. You're tired, busy, and don't need the physical and mental stress. I TOTALLY know about that! OR...when there's company coming and you've got 20 minutes to throw together something good. Done that, too! (The more the merrier at our house!)

There are some meals where you can cook double and freeze some for later. I try to do this any chance I can. I am NOT cooking every night! There are some dishes like soup or beans that you can make up, eat one night, and freeze the rest in quart-sized baggies to pull out in a pinch and combine it with some sandwiches or roll up some beans in a tortilla.

Here are some very basic things that I usually ALWAYS have on hand for when I have to be a magician in the kitchen:

White Bean Chili (thaw them out while you throw a batch of cornbread in the oven)

Tortillas (roll up with some beans or make chicken quesadillas)

Mashed Pinto Beans (recipe coming soon) - makes GREAT bean burritos

Lentil Soup (make up some yummy sandwiches to dip with)

Fixings for Molly's Green Chili Stew (most items are all canned and you can toss this soup together in 30 minutes flat.

Roasted Chicken (put this in anything - including that Green Chili Stew, or make chicken salad)

Lunch meat, bread, cheese & fixings

Bag of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts to throw out on the grill

Fresh fruits & veggies (it doesn't take much time to cut up an apple, grab some baby carrots or dump a bottle of mandarin oranges in a bowl. You can still eat healthy even when you don't have time.)

If, when you're out grocery shopping and planning your weekly menu, you keep the freezer and pantry stocked with these simple things, you'll thank yourself later!

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missliss5 said...

FYI---I'm about to make the lentil soup RIGHT NOW! I just hopped on here to get the recipe again!