Two New Bags

I've got to admit - these REVERSIBLE BAGS are fun! I decided to do two at a time today and save myself some time - and because I fell in love with two different styles of fabric and couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted more. The country rose bag is for when I'm in a feminine, "English country tea-party" mood and the green floral bag fits my style more, so I could see it being an everyday bag for me to lug diapers, books, snacks, etc.

Has anyone else made a bag yet? I'd love to see your creations! If I get enough response, I'll start a Flickr page for these beautiful bags. I guarantee that once you do your first bag and see how easy they are - you'll want to do a few of them!


missliss5 said...

BEAUTIFUL! My fav is the first one and your creative photo of the inside. I wish I thought more outside of the box with cool creativity when it comes to taking pictures. I've missed your blog w hile I've been out of town! Can't wait to catch up!

Tif said...

I LOVE these bags, particularly the green floral one!! How creative!

Crystal said...

I LOVE the first bag Abby!!!! OH so pretty!