Making Me Happy

Totally tickling my heart!
It's the little things that entertain and excite me.


I love these.  Santa brought them.  And the fact that they're called "lollypops" makes them even better than a standard "sucker".  Suckers are so lame after you've had one of these. Back in the olden days, when I was young, we had a See's Candies in our shopping mall.  Mom would buy me a Happy Meal from McDonald's because I was always collecting a toy of some kind....(Muppet Babies and those cute little Stompers trucks) and then we'd happen to mozey over to See's for the daily sample.  Never have I ever had chocolates this good.  EVER.

If you're feeling like an early Valentine treat, go on over to See's and getcha some.  (and if See's sees this....I like the milk chocolate coconut truffles.)  Too bad I don't get endorsement kickbacks....this would be one place I would be first in line to sign up with!!!  haaaahahaha!   But seriously...  

The other thing making me happy...
the Sunburst Granny Square
Well, these are going to be square eventually.

When I get a little time to myself, I stitch a few here and there.  Long car rides, lazy Sunday afternoons - it's the perfect activity.

Aren't these darling?!  I love this pattern, I love the colors, and I'm thinking of stitching the whole thing together using a light aquamarine color.  I haven't found the right yarn, but I'm looking.  It's for my daughter's birthday {don't tell her!!!} and the colors are perfect.  (Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand yarn)

I found the original idea on Pinterest....crazy, I know!....and fell in love immediately.  Head-over-heels in love.  Jenny from Nittybits posted the perfect instructions (and gorgeous photos) so it was super easy for me to learn how to do these.  I LOVE her colors, too!  I want to make a bright, colorful one next!

Super exciting - I'll post more photos as I go along.  I can't wait to see this all finished up!  It's so rewarding to create something beautiful, to watch the progress, and see the finished product.  

Have a happy day!!


Christianne said...

Thanks for the link to this pattern - I've been looking for this tutorial. I want to stitch some myself. I have been collecting yarn just waiting for the right pattern. Yours are beautiful

Tonya said...

You always have such great posts! Thanks for sharing so much. I love the colors you chose for this sunburst crochet granny project.

Tonya said...

Thanks for sharing all that you do! Your posts are always so fun and light and I enjoy following your blog. I love the colors you picked for this sunburst crochet project. I may do the same!