Brewed Cocoa

Okay, so my BFF Kadie lives in Texas and I live in Arizona.  Uh....PROBLEM.  I don't know how we're going to figure this out....either I have to move to Texas or they have to move to Arizona because we just can't keep going on like this.  It's been since last June that I saw her.  If we don't do something about it, I'm going to keep making images like the one above and hang them ALL OVER my house....maybe my husband will go crazy & eventually start job-hunting in Houston.  ???!!!  One can only hope.  But then again, I can't leave Arizona.  
Do you see how bad this is?!

Anyhoo---my Bestie mailed the coolest Christmas gift....EVER...the gift that keeps on giving because now I'm addicted!!!  Thanks, Kadie!!!  {heart...heart....heart}

Brewed cocoa.  It's NOT coffee, but you brew it like ground coffee beans.

It.  Smells.  AMAZING.  
Like rich, chocolatey cocoa times a hundred.  

You just measure your amount into a French Press, pour in almost boiling water...

...and let the magic happen.  
All of that goodness and flavor brews and quietly awaits to make you so very happy.

I may OR may not have known how to do this....someone might have had to tell me how to use it....
but once the cocoa has sat for a few minutes, you press the little pressy button down and the granules get pushed to the bottom so you can pour out the liquid.  WHO KNEW?!  Well, maybe I did know.  Maybe I didn't.  

For me, I add a little Truvia sweetener and a splash of cream.  This kind of cocoa is a little different than your hot cocoa mixes full of hydrogenated fats - it's pure, raw cocoa beans and water.  You have to add sweetness to it, but I actually prefer this over hot cocoa mix.  
It's WAY, way better!  (and packed full of health benefits)

Thanks, Kadie - and thanks Amazon for my shipment on the way...I've already gone through a 1.5 pounder-bag of this stuff!!!  

Just look at how good it is for you, though!!  Who KNEW?!  It's okay for kids, has ZERO caffeine, it's full of antioxidants, and helps curb appetite.  WHAT?!!  Sign me up.  

So far, so good - I'm a huge, huge fan.  Something new to try!!

Have a happy day!!!!


Kadie said...

Can I just say that EVERY time I make me a cup I think to myself, Abby needs to be here with me! And I can't tell you how many times I have thought about jumping a plane, car or horse, for that matter, just to get to where you are! Let's make this happen, for REAL! I am on the brink of devastation from Abby withdrawals! Tharren is worried!

Abby said...

haaaahahahaa!!!! Get your buns out here!!! But I think it would the most fun on a horse.....

Maybe for my bday in June I can fly out to Texas???!!!

Alterknitiveknitter said...

Where did you get that gorgeous mug???!!! I want one!!!

Alterknitiveknitter said...

Where did you get that gorgeous faux knit mug?? I want one!!!

Abby said...

Of all places - I got that mug at Wal Mart! ?!?! Glad you like it - it's cute & holds a lot!