Little Details

Sometimes, a little bit of detail can brighten up any space.

In this case, some bright, happy, cheerful blooms!

Such a simple thing to brighten up a dull winter day.  Even in this beautiful, sunny place, a splash of colorful flowers like this is just the thing to perk things up a bit!

Also....joining my Katie Daisy collection.....
...is this new piece.  {gasp!!}  It's PERFECT!!

It's amazing how a beautiful piece of art can brighten up a little space.

This happy creation is right above our dining table, first thing to greet us in the morning.  Right next to my sunflower pictures from Michigan.  

This one (below) is in my daughter's room.  A $5.00 frame & some spray paint is all it needed to burst into splendor.  I can't say enough how much I LOVE this piece!!!

Here is Katie Daisy's shop, The Wheatfield, where I am looking forward to purchasing more art.  LOVE her.  

{These two are ordered & on the way.....squeal!....}

...and this one is next...


Heather said...

I ADORE her work! I've been pinning it on Pinterest because it makes me HAPPY. Maybe she'd sponsor a give-away on your blog??? Thanks for sharing the link....I've not seen her shop yet. Just might have to by myself something to chase away the winter blues here in Minnesota!

Saville Family said...

Those prints just make you happy looking at them :) Just pinned her shop so I can return and oogle!