Lazy Girly Weekend

My boys took off for a manly man weekend in the city, so us girls had a quiet, peaceful weekend home together.  I love my boys....BUT....it was nice not having all of that boy energy busting through the walls.  

So....with my house clean, laundry running softly in the background, two little girls playing quietly, and some real peace and quiet in the house, it's the pefect recipe for:  recipes.  That's right.  These recipe books are kind of like little friends, just waiting for a turn to be useful and please the family, and I never get time to just sit and drool, I mean look, at them.  If my family knew what was good for them, they would FIND time for me to sit and drool, I mean look, at these cookbooks--they would be beneficiaries of not only a happy mommy, but some delish food.  What is wrong with them?! 

One of my prized posessions - a personal gift from my Sweetheart.  Oh, how I love this book.
And the Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake.  I posted it here - but it's always fun for me to visit the actual recipe.

 ...mmmm....these cookies are a major winner, too....

 ...haven't made this cake yet...definitely going to have to do this soon.

 ...oh, seriously...it's so cold right now - maybe I want THIS instead...

Switching gears to some serious comfort food.  I'm no longer a Martha fan...I became disenchanted with her years ago...but she/her staff continue to put out some amazing stuff.  This book below has been my favorite for the past 12 years - it's timeless and wonderful.  

This cookbook has been so loved, in fact, that I need another copy of it since this one is looking a bit grimy.  {I can sense Martha wincing at this image...she would never let her book fall into disaray like this....}

Every recipe, every image conjures up homey comfort.  Just what a good cookbook should do.

Our family's favorite soup--Summer Corn Chowder

Oh, some Boston Cream Pie.  I could use a sliver...or two...or three right now.

Our all-time, award-winning favorite:  Chicken Potpie.  I've made this dish dozens upon dozens of times, changing it up a little, and even cheating sometimes...yet it always comes out amazing.  

...friggin' DELISH...

Speaking of delish....!!!  She's scrumptious!!  

She also shares my love of cooking - and tasting.  

Here's to a girl's weekend of peaceful splendor.  And crepes.  (they were mind-numbing good)



Amber H. said...

Ok, so I've been totally looking for a great Chicken Pot Pie recipe FOREVER! Please share with me friend :o) PLEASE!

Haunani Thunell said...

Chocolate and comfort food! What a relaxing and delicious way to spend a weekend. LOVE this post. <3

Jennifer Davis said...

So hungry now! I came across your blog off Mormon Moms that Blog and have nomintaed you for a Liebster Award. Check it out at http://utahqueenofchaos.blogspot.com/2013/02/liebster-award.html. I look forward to following you!