A Little Sumthin'

January is SO awesome!!!  I love January because it's a well-deserved fresh start, a big, fat break from the festivities.  For me, the craziness hits when summer break ends-- the whole back-to-school frenzy in September (for us), then on to Halloween costumes and parties a month later, then on to Thanksgiving festivities a month after that, and then straight into Christmas and the exciting Holiday season for a month solid.  January is a big, huge sigh of {ahhhhhh} relief.  January says, "Well done, my friend, and now you get to send the kiddies back to school, curl up with some hot cocoa, grab a project or a new book, and enjoy some peace before Valentine's Day sneaks up on you."  {gasp!} Oh, January, you're so good to me!  

So it's the end of a beautiful, fun chapter and the start of a new one.  {exciting, isn't it?!}

During the New Year celebration, I always contemplate what new thing I'm going to do now that I don't have to focus so much time and energy on Christmas.  Naturally, I turn to Pinterest.  And, like a miracle, out comes the thread and the creative juices flow.

...unfortunately, when the thread magically appears, so does a curious toddler, and before you know it, the well-organized, labeled, tagged, color-synchronized scheme of your threads become a jumbled mess like this.  #$@#%!  
We don't really need to know the color/numbers of the thread, do we?!  I mean, you can eyeball match them up or something, right?!  I mean, what is the difference between DMC 724 and DMC 726...just a tiny shade, right?!  ....right?!   {Did I mention that my color schemes are very organized?}

ahhhh....here we go.  I want a creamy color - going with a monochromatic thing here....rare for me since I'm pretty much a color spaz.

...but not this time.  Just wait and see!  It's going to be simplistic and pretty--I can't wait to finish!
{sunlight coming in through my windows - this is so very rare for me and I just want to soak this all up.}


Trisha said...

Hello! I LOVE what you said about January! I feel the exact same way. Life just get's so crazy sometimes...well actually all the time! OK so I can not wait...please tell me what pattern you are working on? I am wanting a valentine pillow and just finished changing the living room to a shabby chic! And I don't have company coming in 2 weeks! Maybe you could email me? I love the look of it so far! Pretty please??


elnorac said...

Ooooh, love this! So simple, so elegant! I'm trying to figure out what that semi-circle stitch is???

Tonya said...

I can't wait to see what you are making!!!!! :) You are always so creative. Happy New Year!

Fork said...

Looks beautiful so far!