{haha...a weiner!  ...how could I resist??}  

A BIG, huge congrats to our fitness challenge winner. {yaaayyy!}  I just contacted her and we will all get to meet her soon.  She lost over 35 pounds, 18% of her total weight, and worked it!  Good for you!!!  I can't wait to share her fun story with you!!  {...little secret...it's my BFF Kadie's mom and she is the most adorable person ever.  I'm excited for you to meet her!!!}

Until then...I have another fave site, Garnish.  {large gasp!}  I just ordered some stuff from them for a little get-together and I love everything here.

These are my fave little straws!!!  They've got different colors, too!

And I got a bunch of this stuff....to make stuff cute...for the cute stuff I never make but want to...

And some of these...just because... I'm dying for summer and I want to pick berries.  No other reason besides that.  Do you need a reason to have cute berry crates?!  really.

Now off to clean the house.  yuck.


As Sistas in Zion said...

Love straws! They just make a drink so much more fun.

Poulsen Family said...

Way to go on the weight loss for the winner! I'm happy with my starting place of 18 lbs lost and will continue for here, thanks for hosting the contest!