Full Plate

Hungry?!  Is your plate full like mine?! 

Here's what I want to do:

Have a perfectly clean house
Get plenty of sleep
Exercise like a maniac 6 times per week
Never have to go grocery shopping
Make cute pillows
Finish my embroidered seasonal tree
Scrapbook each of my children's life in a digital album
Sew cute dresses for my girls
Make cute hair crap for my girls
Make cute Easter/Spring decor
Organize my basement
Take amazing spring pictures and spend time in Photoshop

Here's what I have to do:
Taxes (barf)
Cleaning as much of the house as I can
Grocery shopping (barf again)
Take care of kids, do homework, oversee piano practices
T-Ball & Softball practices & games
Feed my family, then clean up the mess
Laundry, then clean up the mess (barf some more...I get sick of barfing...)
Something secret that I can't talk about, which is taking up a huge amount of time but is going to be amazing.
Baby shower for the Adorable Kristine {gasp!} ...between you and me, out of all of this crap on my to-do-list, this one is my favey fave!
My Relief Society calling - planning, following up, lots to keep track of
Clean, organize, and de-junk the entire house on account of LOTS of company coming in May
the kicker....
loose 20 pounds by May.  ???!!!  hmm.  

So my plate is full, but it's full of great things - I just have to take it one bite at a time, I guess!  Now off I go to barf at the grocery store...


Tarver Family said...

You sound like me!!! (I am also the RS Prez....though my husband thinks I need a rest from it lol I have been doing it for 2 years). I think we just need a maid and most of the barfing would go away!!

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

As Relief Society President I have NO idea how you get anything else done.
Oh, and if you have any fun baby shower ideas, please share. I'm tired of the same guess the baby food/guess the chocolate bar/don't say that word games. I know, I'm a baby shower party pooper, but after having a woman yell at me over one of those games,(crazy, I know!) I've tried to figure out something a little "different"

Abby said...

Cute girls!

Hey, Beth - I'M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!! ENOUGH WITH THE STUPID BABY SHOWER GAMES!!! Should I do another 'rant' post about how much I hate baby shower games?! I mean---the diapers with melted chocolate- made-to-look-like poop can only be done SO MANY TIMES, girls. When I get Kristine's shower all planned out with Kadie, I'll DEFINITELY post everything. It's going to be fun without the annoying games!!