Another Challenge!!! {eeek!}

Alright, ladies - and the occasional dude...let's do something CRAAAYYYZZAY!  So, I'm thinking, what better way to celebrate Fall, the upcoming Holidays, and the huge food fest that encompasses "Thanksgiving-Passing-Out and Christmas-Goodies-Overdose?!"  A weight loss challenge!!!  {yaaaay...horray....cheeeeerrrrr!}  No frowning...this can be a GOOD thing.

(Okay, let's be honest.  Kadie and I decided to challenge ourselves to a little "drop-10-pounds by Christmas" thing and we need some more motivation...)  SO......

We're opening this up to a few more people who want to join us!  The last fitness challenge we did HERE was a huge success, (A cute girl won something like $400! WOW!) but there was so much involved with that and I have no desire to do that again YET.  However, I thought it would be fun to invite 10-15 couples/buddies to join us in this quick, small little challenge.

Here's the Deal:

Loose as much weight as you can THE HEALTHY WAY by Christmas!  {aaakk!} (no puking, gagging, laxatives, starving, or anything deemed unhealthy. Getting the flu would be to your advantage, though.)

The first 10-15  COUPLES/BUDDY partnerships to email me gets to play! (yay for you!!)

You DO have to have a partner or, well, you're on your own...sorry....we still love you, though.

Everybody (EACH PERSON) sends $10.00 to our "Cash Corral" (my house) and I'll hold onto it for the winner.  (No worries - I'll be honest...as a whipperwill....or something like that...)  So if you win, you and your partner could split $200!  How fun would THAT be?!  (Kadie, we are totally taking this...)  

If you don't send in your $10, you and your buddy are disqualified and we'll all be upset with you because you short-changed us.  We'll have to tie you to the whippin' post and smack you around - and it won't be pretty.

NO CHEATIES!  This is an "On-Your-Honor" kind of deal.  You can weigh in and start as soon as I get your email - nothing prior counts!  We will determine COMBINED weight loss by PERCENTAGE to keep this fair - just email me you AND your partner's beginning and after weight and I will be more than happy to total the weight loss percentage in order to simplify everything.  (lots of confusion last time)

SO...if you weigh 120 and your partner weighs 180, then you would email me "300" as your starting number.  Got it?!  Then if you both, together, loose 40 pounds, then your ending number would be "260", making it a total 13.33% weight loss.  (here is a calculator)

It's pretty basic - just let me know if you have questions!

Yee-Haw!  Now go grab a partner and email me!!!  HURRY!!!


The Family McCallum said...

We, my partner and I would love to do this but we do not know your email!
Mine is mamatjt@yahoo.com

courtneyb said...

sorry, i don't see your e-mail address anywhere.

Smullin Family said...

I want to do this!!!...I just need to find a partner. I'll get back to you. Please hold a spot for me. :)

Nicole said...

Dieting during the time of Thanksgiving feastiness? Sugar cookie baking, gingerbread house building, pies and sweet potatoes and all of this delightfulness? Sorry, but no way! If this were a New Year kickoff challenge, I would totally grab a partner and be onboard, but not now -- this is my most favorite time of year to enjoy cooking up -- and enjoying --the sweet and savory delights of the season. I'm not giving it up for anything, even $100! But good luck to the rest of you -- I'll enjoy the eggnog now and hit the gym hard in January! :D

Jenna Z said...

I didn't sign up this round because I was disappointed last time that we never got a profile or interview with the winner. I'd like to know my ten dollars went to someone who really earned it.

Abby said...

Jenna - you are absolutely right - I'm so sorry I dropped the ball on that one. I have NO idea what happened and why that fell through the cracks. Joanna Brittain was our winner last time and she deserved every dollar she won - she worked so hard. I apologize for being a flake on that one - I really do feel bad about that.

Lflinders said...

Jenna, I went to her blog and saw that she really did lose the weight...I was also involved in the same weight loss challenge as you last time...Abby, you may consider making the rule of no surgeries; if I recall...The winner last time had a tonsillectomy during the challenge...I think I saw that on her blog...But not to discredit her in any way but I would just consider adding that additional criteria to this challenge as that is definitely to that persons advantage