Another Cute Brooke!

Meet my newest friend, Brooke! {anybody named Brooke is automatically beautiful and special...} Anyway, she sent me the cutest email and THIS AWARD! {gaspity gasp} She's a fellow photography nut and I can't believe how much I love her blog and her pictures. She's incredible and I feel so joyful that she would think of me!!! {thanks, Brooke!}

There are always rules with the awards, but I'm a rule breaker.

I'll go along with this one half-way, though, so here goes:

The rules of this decadent award are to:

1. Thank the person who gave the award to you.

2. Copy the award and put it on your blog - CHECK.

3. List three things about you

1.) I don't like talking about me...
2.) I come from small-town America and I am so proud of it!
3.) I used to roller skate like it was nobody's business and it's my secret dream to be on a roller derby team.....(aakkk!)

4. Post a photo that you love
Just one? Well.......

This is a picture of the beautiful south-eastern desert valley right near my hometown. This is the kind of rural desert splendor I grew up all around. I can look at this picture and smell the beautiful desert botanicals, taste the Mexican food we grew up on, and be 'home' again. ahhh....

Thanks, again, Brooke, for thinkin' of me! {love her...} You can see her blog entry here where she said the nicest things.


Brooke said...

You are welcome! I just adore your blog! Your photo above is AMAZING! My hubby was peeking over my shoulder and said wow!

Sawyers Family said...

So I'm from Arizona...and seeing that picture takes me back home, too! And living back east and not having real Mexican food is hard! I love the desert...but you forgot the smell of rain. There's nothing like the smell of rain in the desert! (Probably because it hardly ever happens!)

Angela said...

Seriously now you are making me hungry for food from Casa!!! I was just there a few weeks ago and hope to head back up to Mt. Graham to do some camping with the fam!!!
Thanks for the pic, it is beautiful!!!