Fabric Co-op & Cool Stuff

Some of you have been wanting to know about the Fabric Co-op I keep talking about. HERE is a link to the group page with the email address of the woman who organizes everything. Send her an email if you're interested in joining the group.

I rarely jump in on a fabric order unless it's from one of my favorite designers like Sandi Henderson or Heather Bailey and such. There hasn't been one that I've participated in since the Farmer's Market line came out. I'm REALLY hoping they do the new Heather Bailey line .
Until then, I'm vowing to camp out at my front door until my Farmer's Market order arrives. It's paid for and on it's way! (loud scream) I've waited HOW LONG?! It was in May that I did this post, hyperventilating, nearly unconscious. Let's just say that I'm excited. I probably won't do anything with the fabric, either - I'll just hang it up and look at it.

To pass the time away, I scour Etsy and drool. I found this in "Robyn's Jewelry Box" that I totally need! I love it! I'm trying not to eat junk, so if I can't eat it then surely I can WEAR it, right?! Or is that working against myself? I don't know. As long as it doesn't SMELL like chocolate, I'm okay.

And since my blog name is "A Feathered Nest", I absolutely think it's imperative that I have one of these! Nests are symbolic of hope, home, and family - and I would definitely wear one of these. But WHICH ONE?!

Mini Mania

This one must have sold because I can't find it. It was under the name "les chic".

Artistic Creations

Starry Designs

Alright - enough time wasting. Back to the front door to wait...


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oooh- LOVE that last ring!!

Kristine said...

I hope your husband checks this blog he wouldn't even have to put a minute of thinking into Christmas this year. I like the silver nest ring.

Beth Pierce said...

Both of the nest rings are FABULOUS...

You should totally make a Kaboodle wishlist and add them to it!

Chelsea said...

I am excited for you to use the new fabric. I checked out the pricing and unfortunately it wasn't that great of a deal for me to join in.

I've actually found a new source for my fabric. It's the cheapest I've seen it, even if you factor in shipping (which, he's pretty awesome and fair with the shipping charges - if you combine it's a GREAT deal) when you buy multiple yards.


It's called Fabric Supplies.

Very nice guy to work with.

Holly said...

Hi...I just found your blog through an "easy aprons" google search and have loved looking through your blog! I am "trying" to become more crafty and will definitely come back to your blog for additional inspiration:) I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant or what, but I feel the need to sew:) I'm loving fabrics right now and had NO idea they had a farmers market for fabric. I am so excited!!! Thank you!
Holly from Utah

Holly said...

And...now I see that it's a line called "Farmer's Market"...and I am laughing at myself:) How funny!

Sabii Wabii said...

I'm drooling over the fabrics! I think I can smell them from here!

Hannah said...

I love your blog! Thanks for the info about the co-op - I've recently become obsessed with fabric and sewing, and this looks PERFECT!

Katherine said...

Thanks for the Co-op info. I'm headed over to check it out :)