Still Kickin'

Whew! I'm wiping sweat off of my forehead, but this crazy week is almost over. I'M STILL WORKING ON MY APRONS - so sorry. I'm sure everyone here could understand. But in case you're worried that I've been sitting around - here's what's been going down...

These baby photos are some that I took of "Baby J" for some birth announcements I'm making. The photo shoot was SO much fun - they're for a very dear friend, so I'm thrilled to do it for her.

What a cute little guy, eh?! He's got beautiful red hair - hard to see in the photo.

Jen, I PROMISE I'll get the announcements done before he's walking - I swear!!!

My oldest had a birthday - I love this kid!!! He's CRAZY about the National Treasure movies and the whole idea about secrets hidden in our historic places leading to huge treasure hunts! He's waited since DECEMBER for this to come out on DVD.

Then was the zoo trip - very fun. All my daughter cared about was getting an ice cream cone and the gift shops. Sweet.

The next day, it was my little guy's birthday! (whew - are you sweating already with me?!) A tradition that I started was to decorate the table for each child the morning of their birthday. I have streamers hung from the entry and a cheap plastic table cloth, and their own themed plate and cup for their special birthday breakfast. There's usually a present or two (a birthday outfit or something) wrapped on the table, but this poor guy had to go with me to do his own birthday shopping!

The next day was the baby shower! SO much fun! Here is our group and they were all SUCH a blast to be with!!! (I hope they don't care that I've plastered their faces up here)

The baby girl stuff was SO much fun to look at and play with!

So here are a few photo highlights:

"Sugar and Spice" - lots of candy and yummy things to eat! Thanks, girls, for bringing some vittles!

You CAN'T have a girly event without colorful taffy!!! I've only eaten about a hundred of these.

My big bowl-a'-cherries. They're so pretty.

My new favorite thing - I found this silver serving tray at a local thrift/antique shop for $20!!! It all folds up so cute and I've got it as kitchen decor up on my cupboards!

Spiced nuts - because girls are nutty and spicy, right?

The amazing diaper cake! So cute!

One of my many projects this week - my baby gift. A blanket (instructions HERE), matching burpie and onesie. The onesie just has a square of fabric that is stitched about 1/4" from the edges. When it gets washed, the edges will fray, giving it a little shabby look.

And off I go - back to work!!!


Lisa said...

Wow! Looks like you've been incredibly busy. I like your present. Very pretty! :)

missliss5/Melissa said...

You SOOOOOOO rock, Abby. I especially love the baby feet pic...awwwww. Baby feet are the cutest things on the planet!!!! And your baby shower table decorations and goodies have me drooling. By the way....happy birthday to you....

Brooke and Mike said...

Wow you are so talented! I love all those pictures.

The Robin's Nest said...

I stumbled on your site a couple of weeks back...I put it in my favorites the first time I visited.
You are so talented! I have two grandbabies coming THIS year and I just LOVED how beautiful the baby shower was and the pictures of the baby boy were priceless I mean priceless - I also went nuts over the blanket,onsie and burpie you made. You should think about selling those if you don't already. Thank you SO much for sharing.
God Bless you,

Sarah said...

Wow you are super busy! I love the looks of the yummy baby shower goodies... The baby pics are adorable and your kids are super cute.Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful talents! Your blog is one of my favorites.

Chanda said...

Ahhh! That just reminded me - I bought cherries at the grociery store last week and they're buried in the fridge. I totally forgot about them.

OK - just ran to the fridge. They're still good. I'm eating them now. Thanks for saving the day!

Marianne Johnson said...

Beautiful! And I love the serving pieces you used for the shower.

Tif said...

The shower was a blast, but I have to say . . . how did I miss those nuts?!?! I'm so bummed that I didn't even get to try them!! :)

Alysia Cook said...

I love the baby gift!! I tried something like that recently that also turned out very cute. My oldest was also counting down the days until National Treasure 2 came out, he loves both of the movies. You are incredibly talented!!! I am totally in love with the apron you made...excellent job!!!!

samara said...

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