Good Times

We just wrapped up an AMAZING week of vacation with family. My brother-in-law (husband's brother), his cute wife, and adorable baby drove up from Missouri to come hang with us for a week. (She, too, is a fellow Thatcher girl and was a few years younger than me but I was great friends with her brother all through high school.)

Anyway - we loved every minute with them. They are quite possibly the easiest people to be around in the entire world!

My little nephew, The T-Man. I love this kid - he is only 5 months old but completely rocks. Everybody fell in love with this little guy!

We had a campfire one evening and we actually had to put jackets on!!! Crazy. Never, in my entire life, have I had to wear a jacket in June!!! But I'm not complaining - I LOVE SUMMER!!!

Another cute distraction:

My sister-in-law and I went to another friend's house and took some picture of her new baby. He had this amazing full head of blond hair! Out of all of the babies I've seen in my lifetime, I've only seen that one other time! And I never take pictures of newborns, so this was a lot of fun for me.

More distractions:

My neighbors peonies were too irresistible! They are quite possibly the world's most beautiful, flawless flower!!! They were only in bloom for about a week and now the flowers are dead and gone.

So I'm sad now that the party's over and it's back to work and reality again. HOWEVER! I can't even come close to expressing the sheer joy I feel for summer break!!! The kids and I are going to do some fun stuff, I don't have to be anywhere, pack lunches, or worry about making it to the bus on time!!! This is great.

Now back to work.


Cambria, Greg, Alan and Molly said...

Looks like fun! You SIL looks really familiar to me. What is her name if you don't mind me asking, I think I went to EA with her. Did she hang out with Ruthy Mack?

Abby said...

Her name is Kristine - you probably did go to EA with her. She was friends with Ruthy, though I don't know if they were very close or not. She played basketball and hung mostly with some good girls from the team.