Organic Cloth Diapers

So I have this amazingly talented cousin, Tracy, and she can literally do anything.  She showed me her latest, greatest project and I absolutely LOVE these!!!!  They're built SO well and they'll last pretty much forever.  I looked into cloth diapers when I was expecting #4, but I was too cowardly to try them, and they weren't this cute.  Cost wise, it would have been cheaper for me to buy a few cloth diapers like these and reuse them over and over.  I have friends who swear by cloth diapers and won't EVER go back to buying disposable diapers again.  These are 100% reusable, organic, and easy to use.  

SO….if you're looking for an awesome baby shower gift or something fun to try with your own baby, come visit Tracy at her Etsy shop, Toot Sweets.  

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