Arizona Desert Drive

My Love Nugget likes to have adventures out in the hills whenever we get a chance, so we decided to take a 6-hour drive through some rugged terrain and breathtaking desert!  We love "the roads less traveled" and always end up having so much fun together.

You can't tell, but we're way up high looking down onto some huge canyon walls in the picture above. Spectacular!

We love this old abandoned house 

We came upon a herd of wild mustangs!  What a rush - I didn't know we had wild horses anymore!  

The magestic saguaro cactus.  They were blooming a couple of weeks ago - they only bloom for a short time and that's it until next year.

Almost all of the cactus plants were in bloom - all over the place!  Beauty amongst the thorns…what a great juxtaposition.  (and I love that word….juxtaposition…)

The Santa Catalinas - overlooking Tucson like a steady, old friend.  

The agave plant - I love it that the lines and color "stripes" created in the agave are from the older leaves offering support to the new, growing leaves.  I love the comparison to my own life, with my older generations (parents, grandparents, etc.) having been my support system.  Nature is funny that way, huh?!  Often teaching us something about ourselves! 

 AND…how lucky…we saw some mule deer.  These two (ladies, I think) were just as curious about us as we were about them!  Look how well their colors blend in with the desert.  

 More saguaro blooms---Oh, how I love them!!  It was way too bright outside to get a good picture of these and I'm pretty bummed about that because now I have to wait until next year to try again!!  

My kind of road!!  I loved this sign!

Well - it's off to more adventures - I hope you all have some fun, exciting summer plans!!  
Bye for now!!

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