I'll share my favorite quote that I'm always telling my kids...stop me if you've heard this one...

You can pick your friends.
You can pick your nose.
Just don't pick your friend's nose.
(baaaahahaaa!!! hhaaa!!! gets me every time!!!)

They hate it when I tell them this. It's like every day.  Especially when a friend is over. They bury their face in their hands and wish to high heaven that I was a normal mom. 

Speaking of picking...
We picked peaches.  
It was hot, but delightful.  I climbed a few trees, got a few scratches, and discovered that climbing the trees was a worthless venture because the birds had pecked all of the good ones up there.

We came home with some beauties, though!!
Now I need to hurry up and do something with them.  I can't wait--the possibilities are endless.  I'm pretty sure I want to make this peach jam, as well as bottle some for cobblers and such.  

And they're so pretty. My pretty little peachy babies.

 More pickin' going on...
I also picked out some books to add to my shelf.  {gasp!!}
I haven't added to the shelf in a while, and since I'm on a roll of doing nothing, I figure I could do nothing whilst looking at pretty things to make.  

I'm madly in love with crewel and I can't wait to look at this book and discover all of the amazing projects I'm probably not going to make!!! {exciiiiiiting!}

This one makes me giddy, too.  My baby girl LOVES playing with her cooking stuff, so I might feel a little itch to do a project from this one.  Maybe.  I'm thinking I'd like to have a bunch of adorable felt food made in time for Christmas.  And, if you know me already, I better start now.  haha.

That's all of the picking going on for now.  Thank goodness.


Jeremy.Celeste said...

Abby, so glad to see you back at blogging. I love your blog. I have been a "silent follower" of yours for a long time. I am from down that way as well. We know a lot of the same people (I am from Duncan). I live in Utah, but deeply miss Arizona. A little jealous you get to see the sunsets. Please share a picture or two of the beautiful sunsets. Loved picking peaches growing up. Please tell how the crewel book is? Glad you are back and the move went well!

Abby said...

Hi Celeste!! Fun to hear from you!!! We've been having those gorgeous monsoon sunsets and every evening, with my view obstructed by other houses, I think, "I really should drive somewhere and photograph this." I'll definitely get out and take some soon!!

gillian greding said...

I have to say, I LOVE your fun blog! These pics just made me walk over to my fridge and write PEACHES on my grocery list. :)

gillian greding said...

Your blog is so fun- I love it. These pics just made me go over to my fridge and write PEACHES on my grocery list. :)