Slow Sunday Afternoon

Lots of sick people at my house.  Saturday night, all through Sunday, more on Monday night, and all through Tuesday.  Five out of six people in my household got the same stomach bug--and it was violent.

I don't get it, either--we're clean people, our house is clean, we're hand-washing freaks, and we preach the "don't pick your nose or eyes" rule like nobody else.  Oh, well.  Germs don't care--they work their way in somehow.

So...I stayed home from church on Sunday with the little barfer and sanitized the place.  She slept--I cooked--it was heaven--and I disinfected every surface.  And I waited for my little family to come home.  And enjoyed the rare sunshine streaming through my windows, filling my soul with joy.

Sunday dinner is a sacred tradition at my house.  Even if 'someone' doesn't iron the table cloths like they used to do in the olden days, (those women were go-getters, weren't they?)  we still use nice dishes, real glasses, and sit together.  Sometimes I don't even have to beg them to eat their food, which is nice.

Little do any of these boys know that in a few hours, they'll all be hit with the same stomach bug that the little one had - only it will be more violent and horrible.  So much for my disinfecting job.  It was NOT food poisoning, either--I cooked our dinner for, like, 4 hours!  My older daugher and I didn't get it with the boys, but she did get it a day later.  I dodged a bullet---how?!  Maybe I have a weird immunity since I clean up all of the barf all of the time.  hmmmm..   


SUPAHMAMA! said...

I'm seriously hoping that all these Mommy's blogging about the dreaded bug is what's keeping us from getting it. Keeping my fingers crossed you don't get it once everyone else has had it run it's course.

Jen said...

Loved this post. You really paint the picture with your words. "Little barfer" made me laugh a bit. I just had the joy of that this evening with our 2-year-old, who has a nasty ear infection and cough. My heart feels for her as I hear her cough in her sleep and I cross my fingers hoping we are through with the barf for the night... I love that even though it was rough at your house, you found joy in the simple of the sunshine through your window and cooking for your family.

LucyH said...

You did not get sick for the plain, simple fact that you are the mom. You can't afford to get it!:) (You don't know me but I enjoy reading your blog) I'm from the gila valley too~