Happy Thoughts & Fun Printables

First,  let's have some good-humored fun, shall we?!  Because if there's anything we like, it's to have fun.

**NOTE**  Due to a scathing comment, which is not published because {ouch}, I want to make it clear that I'm seriously only having fun with this post.  I'm not trying to hurt anybody's feelings - this is all very light-hearted.  {wow}  I guess it's not funny to everyone.

Okay...back to the post...

Quick backstory:   I grew up in a teeny, tiny little town that was 3 hours from the nearest shopping mall and clothing stores.  We had:  Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Factory 2-U. All too often, my mom would come home with a shirt from Wal-Mart, off the clearance rack of course, and I'd show up to school wearing it, right alongside 32 other embarrassed, unfortunate souls.  The absolute WORST was when my shirt came from the cringe capital of the universe, Factory 2-U.  Anyone showing up in matching clothing from that place instantly buried their face into a brown paper bag and tried so hard to walk the other way!  haha.  Anyone from my hometown would totally laugh about this.

SO...maybe it's because I'm psychologically damaged from post traumatic clothing stress as a youth, but there is something within me that dies inside when I see something being obtained by thousands of women and it makes me step back and re-evaluate if I really want the latest and greatest thing in my home or not.


hahaaahaha!   good stuff.

Confession:  I actually had a print of the original-style "Keep Calm and Carry On" sign in my home up until a few days ago.  I have a love for anything during the WWII era and the message struck me.  However...I did it way back before the became all the rage and because we've beaten it to death, it's no longer unique and special to me, so I've had to replace it. {sniff}


 SUBWAY ART.  And it's all over Pinterest.  So, because I like to waste time, I created my own version!  I removed it, though because my integrity was questioned by a reader and I don't like that.  I do have it on Pinterest, though, for those of you who can handle a good laugh.

Fun, {CUTE} Printables for you!
These are *never* going to be considered tacky, by the way. 

I like the use of words - when done tastefully - in moderation.  Words can stick into our minds whether we realize it or not, so it's important to have positive words floating around wherever we can see them.  I also think it's important not to make anything PERMANENT.  Find a cheap frame, and fill it with positive images like what I've created below, and brighten up your space!  

I made this one below for my kiddies - we often talk about the importance of developing good character traits.  How wonderful if they see this sign, their spirits lift {even if it's just a little} and they are reminded once again how to be positive in a fun-loving way.  So this is what they look at whilst eating breakfast and contemplating the wonders of the world.  ....or whatever kids think about when they eat...

- all of these print on an 8.5 x 11" piece of cardstock.  I take my thumb drive to Staples and get a *nice* color copy for $1.00 each.

I'm ALWAYS telling my kids, "Well, life is hard sometimes.  You can either laugh or cry.  Either way, you are the only one who can choose how to feel."  I think it helps us put into perspective on whether we want to be whiney or not - and that includes grown-ups.  You either laugh or cry - but keep moving forward.  Right?!  Right.

Well, I hope maybe some of you will enjoy these!  Let me know if you have a special request!


heather said...

Oh I so agree!!!!!! No longer interesting, funny, or cute! Stop pinning them! :-)

chris said...

I love your perspective, and agree, when things are over done they lose meaning. I really appreciate the darling printables you created. Thank you!

Emily Love said...

Sorry someone was mean to you! Some people get so bold behind a keyboard, especially with the anonymity of the internet.

But I think you're awesome and I love all your crafts, photos, delicious food etc.

Abby said...

Thanks, girls!!

Rachel said...

1. your post made me giggle. those keep calm things have definitely made me roll my eyes after the plethora of them everywhere!

2. lovely printables and messages to your kiddos :)

Take care! Rachel

mylittlegems said...

Abby- ignore those lame mean people. :) I get those comments too sometimes and like you am bugged by it but trying to i.g.n.o.r.e.it. And BTW- I love your blog. I love that you are calorie and ad free because let's face it, most blogs aren't and are so loaded with ads, it makes me tired. :) you are great! love the cute printables.

Megan said...

I love your printables. My mom would stick post-it notes in our bathroom when we were teenagers. "I can do hard things" is still hanging there!

liZ evans said...

I just found your blog and I LOVED this post. The I Can't Keep
Calm sign is awesome. Honestly I laughed out loud. I'm sorry that not everyone thought it was funny---I think it is hilarious!

Jenny said...

I totally agree! I could never put the "Keep Calm and Carry on" sign in my house because I'm so annoyed by the overuse of it!