It's That Time Again!!!

It's October - HORRAY!  The leaves are turning all kinds of colors, Fall is in the air, we're drinking hot cocoa, making appley carmel junk, and.....thinking about.... Christmas!  {...making my cheerleader spaz face...}  and the crowd roooooaaaars....

Seriously, though.  It's time.  If you're dying to make my amazing-better-than-Pottery-Barn Advent Calendar, start NOW!  It works up quick but takes some time.  

My new obsession:  Waldorf Dolls.  
(doll found here on Etsy)

Why?  WHY, you ask?!  Look at them - they're adorable.  I normally don't fall for homemade dolls like this, but these go beyond your average homemade doll.  I am nervous/excited to make one for each of my 2 girls for Christmas - and to compensate for any mess-ups, disasters, and general hair-tearing-out, I'm going to get a head start this month.

You can do all kinds of cute hair variations....love this one....
(doll found here on Etsy)

...and personalize them how you want. 
(doll found here on Etsy)

This one reminds me of my brown-eyed-blonde daughter - LOVE it!
(doll found here on Etsy)

SO...the juicy details....I bought this pattern here today on Etsy, and found this site here for supplies.  I'm definitely going to track my progress with you here on the blog because there aren't any YouTube videos or many tutorials online that are useful - or in English.

Does anyone want to do this with me?!  

I'M EXCITED! {scream!}
and scared to death!!


Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh not sure if I dare, they are so lovely and my daughter would love one - I may have to join you :-) x

CrochetBlogger said...

What a fun project!

Julie said...

Holy mama, those dolls are expensive!!! Ivan see why you're making your own.

And I did the advent calendar along with you two years ago, but never put the dang thing together. I HAVE to do it this year. Have. To.

Lynaya said...

I have turned Christmas music on this week. It will probably be heard in my house all day long everyday until New Years. I am starting to get in the Christmas mood. I love the dolls, so cute.

Julie said...

Okay, I totally commented on this last night. Dumb Blogger....

I looked at those on Etsy -- freakersons, those are EXPENSIVE!! No wonder you're making your own! My girls are just not doll lovers, so it would be unrealistic for me to even think about, but I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

And the advent calendar....oh, the advent calendar. I embroidered along with you two years ago and then never finished putting it all together. I HAVE to get it done this year! Have. To!

Kristina said...

I'm been a lover of your blog for a while and was so happy to see this post on Waldorf dolls! I would love to try to make one myself, and am excited to see your posts on the process!

What I Did Today said...

I'm STILL working on my advent calendar. I'm soooooo determined (every year) to finish it this time. :)