Busy Summer...Lazy Morning

ONE MORE WEEK LEFT!!!!!  {can I get a 'wahoo!'}  School starts soon and I feel like I'm about to be released from the mental institution from which I've been bound since June.  {aaaaak!}  Don't get me wrong...I dearly love hangin' out with my babies - but you know how summer kind of becomes unscheduled?  unruly? unrestful?  (I'm talking about me, not the kids here) 

Now I realize that public school is not a daycare, but the fact that they're learning, experiencing life lessons, socializing, making fond memories of horrible cafeteria food, knowing that I can stay home and do my thing - it brings me great joy.  MAMA'S READY!

So...on with it now...I digress.

My ENTIRE FLIPPING FAMILY has been sick with a GI-bug.  That's right.  Gastroenteritis. {not the flu}  Barf. Diarrhea. Lysol. Clorox wipes. midnight cleanings. You know what I'm talking about.  You can feel it in your gut right now.  It leaves haunting, traumatic memories.

To make it worse, my cute mom is here visiting from Arizona.  She got it, too.  "Here, mom, as a token gift for your long journey from us to you!"  not cool.

SO...after an exhausting week of cleaning & disinfecting, I made us all a little treat for Sunday dessert.  

It's a lemon pound cake, cut in thirds, topped with fresh strawberries {with a splash of lemon and sugar}, and lemon cream.  (lemon curd folded into whipped cream) 

The basic parts to this dessert is found on my BFF Kadie's blog - Lemon Berry Trifle .  I bake my pound cake into loaf pans, but either way - it's lemon pound cake.  Also, for this dessert here,  instead of cooking the berries, I just used fresh strawberries.

It's fresh, bright, and utterly delicious.  I'm going through a lemon obsession right now and this dessert makes my soul feel bright and happy!

...and do you ever just buy some fresh flowers and feel so happy when you wake up in the morning and there they are in the sunlight?!  me, too.


Anonymous said...

sorry about your sick home. I can totally agree with your love of the school year because at least there is some sort of schedule and routine that is lacking during the summer months.

Buggymomma said...

Yumm-o! That cake looks so good! When are you gonna bring mine over, lady? ;) We had your Italian Lentil soup with sausage tonight- always a hit with the Welker boys!

Heather Lynn said...

This cake looks delicious!! :)