Strega Nona! viva Italy!

Like so many of us, I have a mixed ancestry.  My family mostly came from Wales, Great Brittain, and Ireland.  I'm almost 100% positive that there was an Italian in there somewhere because I have this unexplicable love for everything Italian.  Their deep friendships and family ties, their mass quantities of amazing food at any kind of gathering, and their love of celebrations, all resonate with me and we naturally have those things in common. My brother even married a cute Italian girl and cooks incredible Italian food.  My dream vacation would be a tour of Italy - along the sunny coastal areas, up into the countrysides, all through towns and villages, and sampling all of the Italian cuisine.  ahhhh---  There MUST be some Italian blood in us somewhere!!!

SO...you can imagine my joy upon discovering this cute little book at the library with my kids.  It's the cutest little pop-up book I've ever had my hands on!!!  We were all enthralled - and once again I am reminded how much I love Italian culture!  (not my 5-year-old, though - he hates pasta...weird-o)

Nona comes from a big family tree, where she inherited certain qualities within herself.  (love that!!)

Her big family gathering under her arbor ; everything fresh, made from scratch, I'm sure, as she was taught by her elders!

pull the door open - watch that little green hat on the roof pop up---
AHA!  How fun is that?!

...and then the last page...

This says it all!
Family, friends, good food, celebrations, and lots of love!  Brava!
(I'm definitely buying this book...if only just for me!)


Julie said...

Oh WOW! I LOVE this book. I love the book "Strega Nona" anyway, but this is super duper cute!

Posh Petals said...

That looks adorable! My cute mom didn't want to be grandma so she has all the grandkids call her Nona and I must buy her this book! Thanks for the fun find!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Robert Sabuda makes THE best pop-up books! I buy his books for ME! His Wizard of Oz book is gorgeous!

~ Sarah

Tif said...

We LOVE Strega Nona in our household, but have never seen this pop-up! MUST HAVE!!!!! :)

Hands Sew Full said...

What a great pop up! We have the Strega Nona story book and the kids love it still!

Heather at That Little Boutique said...

I have to tell you, Tommy is from the town beside me and he does book signings etc at the local library. His books are fabulous. You must get them all for the children. Mine all love them!

sarah boardman-miller said...

he has a Irish book called Finn McCool as well!