Winter Blah and other stuff

First things first -  fitness challenge info coming soon when I get more than 5 minutes of spare time - eeek!  I have WWAAAAAYYY too many irons in the fire but at least it keeps my mind off of winter. {ugh! with emphasis!}   I have a big stack of your jackpot money and I will post a list as to who has paid up.  Don't fret - if you sent it, I probably have it.  When my little busy-body baby goes down for a nap, can go over my list.  Or I can sit in silence. hmmm...

Anyway - does anybody else feel done with winter?!  I'm completely done with it.  Snow is falling with big, fat, slow, beautiful flakes and all I can think about is springtime blooms.  So what do I do?!  I go to my fave Etsy artist, Katie Daisy at  The Wheatfield - and order some prints for my collection to hang on my walls to remind me that life is beautiful, bright, colorful, and happy!  This is my collection thus far - I think I'm her biggest fan!!!

...I love this. This is it, isn't it?! Life isn't always perfect, but this is it, so make the best of it, right?! And the colors in this are amazing.  Makes me giddy.  It's pretty much all of my favorites in one place.

 {gasp!} Don't you LOVE this little birdie?!  I've got a chocolate brown guest bathroom and that's where he lives.  It brightens up the place!

This just makes me smile looking at it - still looking for the perfect spot on my walls...

This one was my first print - I ordered a huge one to go in a 11 x 14 frame AND I ordered a custom oval-shaped mat from JoAnn's to frame it with - that's how much I love this print!  When I get it hung on the wall I'll show it off to  you.  OH how I love this painting - it completely takes my mind off of the bleak, gray days here.

Ahhh.  I feel more cheerful now!!


Grandma Nina said...

Big snowflakes falling here, too! Love your new prints. Etsy women are great! (tongue in cheek, I have an Etsy site, too)
Seriously, Katie is very talented and these prints certainly are very cheery!

Kirsten said...

AWWWW I LOVE THESE PRINTS...I will be getting some of those. K...you are so fun, we have the same taste :)


Crafting Chick Kirsten :)

Robyn said...

I love your blog. And now I love these prints! Thank you for introducing them to me.