Oh, WHAT do you do?!

Workin' on a project.  {GASP!]  Well, that is, between chasing my baby all over the house removing small items from her chubby little hands and her soggy mouth, peeling poopy outfits off of her (I SWEAR...how does she produce all of that?!), doing dishes, fighting my desire to lay down and sleep, feeding people, cleaning up random messes that seem to multiply behind my back, and many more exciting and fulfilling tasks.  I'm trying to squeeze in a Christmas project here and there, which is why I remain madly in love with embroidery right now because you can set it down and pick it up whenever.  perfect!

But what do you do when you're ready to step out of your funk, leave the house, breathe in some fresh fall air, stop the madness for a moment, and escape?!  

You RUN over to the bakery, grab two gorgeous looking specimen, go home giggling, put the little ones down for a nap (or, for heaven's sake, find something mindless and numbing for them like cartoons) and have a TASTE TEST!!!  (by the way, I was totally wearing my 'cookie pants' and slippers with my hair pulled back and no shower!  How rad is that?!)

SO....today's challenge is...German Chocolate vs. Coconut Cream.  (notice the absence of fondant...haha.)

As you see here, both are beautiful with their own desirableness.  (is that even a word?)
Of course, I'm a chocolate addict, but I'm also a coconut freak, so between the two cupcakes, this should prove to be a difficult competition. aaakk! I love a tough challenge!!!

 NO BRAINER.  The German Chocolate wins hands-down.  The coconut cupcake is merely so-so because they used that nasty Crisco-like frosting, which, frankly, creeps me out.  Sorry, coconut cream.  (It needed cream-filling, that's what, and there might have been some challenge here.)

The German Chocolate has more flavor, the frosting isn't whipped Crisco, and, well, just look at it!  It's heaven!  What am I going to do when I don't live by this bakery anymore?!    

There you have it, folks.  A perfect way to escape reality, if just for a moment.
(side note:  because I'm trying to eat 'smarter', as hard as that might be to believe, I'm actually done tasting the cupcakes and I'm going to put them in the fridge and/or throw them away.  I only needed a taste.  It's a good feeling when you can do that.  A few dollars is worth my sanity!)


Annie said...

ha! Good for you!! Love your pictures and so enjoy your posts!

Amy said...

A brilliant idea I must say. And going to the bakery, instead of making them yourself (and "tasting" the dough, and "tasting" the cookies warm, and "tasting" the cookies cool) is SO worth the few dollars. Bravo to you!

Andrea, said...

I need some cupcake therapy today too. Maybe its worth packing the kids in the car to go get some after nap is over.

Jen said...

Yummy! Looks delicious. And sanity saving!

Bobbie said...

absolutely yummy! there are NO bakeries within 10 miles of me that creates items that look THAT delicious! So I will have to live vicariously through you for the baked goods. The German Chocolate cupcake...you are a stronger woman then myself for only tasting it!

Abby said...

haha - Hey, I want to know if any of you had 'cupcake therapy', as Andrea calls it! Let the cupcake madness begin! Bobbie, I'm SO sorry you don't have a good bakery by you, so I'm thrilled to be your helper. If you EVER need me to go eat a cupcake for you, I'm always happy to help out a sista - just let me know! I do feel blessed, though, because I haven't seen many bakeries like this one and I'm going to dearly miss it someday.

a little bit biased said...

What a cute post. Those cupcakes look delicious and I'm very impressed that you didn't scarf the both of them. I wouldn't have had the will power to leave them alone. Good job!

Corinne Baird said...

That is some really great self-control you have. They'd both be gone by the end of the hour if they were in my house! I love your blog lady. : ) Thanks for making me smile.

Jen said...

YAY for German chocolate! I don't even think I'd have bothered with the other one. lol

BTW, what is all of that wonderfulness topping the GC cupcake?

The Baldwin's said...

um since i live by you and need to actually meet you now :) where is this bakery located?!? Gentri!
ps where are you originally from?

Tracy P. said...

Hey, try this coconut frosting, instead...MUCH yummier!

2 8 oz. pkg. frozen coconut
1 1/3 c. sugar
3/4 pint cour cream

Becky said...

Baah! This is such a great post. I especially loved the visual in my head of you running from the bakery 'giggling' home. That is 100 percent what I would do, and feel no sense of madness for it. What a treat. I feel like I went to the bakery myself. Thanks!