To Do List:

{I love this cartoon! I've posted it before but it deserves a reposting!}

First of all, may I say how blissful, happy, and wonderful it is that school has started and I have some time now to put myself back into shape!  It's *HEAVEN*!!!  Not that I don't love my kids...I do, I really love being with them...but I also love that they're off learning, growing, and expanding their horizons without needing me to entertain them every waking moment.  I think it's just what this old girl needed.

So here's my recent to-do-list in no particular order now that it's physically possible for me to attempt:

1.) Jump on this darn blog!
2.) Make something adorable - fun Halloween project in the works!
3.) Lose 35 pounds - should be easy, right?! {OY}
4.) Finish a bunch of unfinished projects
5.) Feed my family
6.) Pay bills...eek!
7.) Mail some baby gifts
8.) Laundry
9.) Visit a lot of ladies (this is part of my church assignments)
10.) Get my hair cut... for HEAVEN'S SAKE...get my hair cut.
11.) Play with my cute baby
12.) ....I'm sure there's something that could go here, but I'm tired of thinking now...

Well...sleeping baby is now screaming and soaking wet.  FABulous.  Thanks for all of the encouragement & patience!!!  I just love you all!!  {sniff}  I really do have a bunch of fun stuff in the works that I can't wait to show you - until then...check this out!!  I just ordered it from Amazon and I'm so excited I could pee!  Alicia Paulson has one of my favorite blogs out there and I'm excited to see this book! {scream-gasp!}


Julie said...

Hope to see you soon!!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab to see you back, it will get easier with time but enjoy the baby baby time whilst little one is so tiny. Fab looking book, don't pee too much whilst looking at it :-)

Cindy said...

that cartoon is awesome...and so fitting. i get tired just reading it!!! lol..

your baby is gorgeous. i'd be spending all my time with her too!!