Cooking 101 - Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I'm taking a brief break from snuggling with my little baby marshmallow to share with you the EASIEST thing EVER!!! This is the best summertime dinner to eat out on the back porch. Top it with some yummy cole slaw on some really good bread and you'll be SO proud of yourself!!!

Who doesn't love a good pulled pork sandwich?! (Okay, a lot of people, but they're crazy, alright?)

So this is all you have to do:

1.) Get a pork shoulder, about 7 pounds, with a layer of fat on top. I get a huge, honkin' one at Sam's Club so that I have some to put in the freezer. Tip: When you are looking for your pork shoulder, you won't see the fat layer because they package it facing down, but it's there. (how pretty would that be to package a hunk of meat with a big, white fatty surface?! Not pretty...) If there is a bone in your meat, that's okay. Your meat is just going to fall off of it anyway.

2.) Generously rub salt & fresh ground pepper all over your pork shoulder. Score the fatty surface into diamonds.

3.) Place the meat fat-side-up in a large dutch oven or roaster. Roast at 450 degrees without the lid for about 45 minutes.

4.) After 45 minutes, turn the oven down to 350 degrees, cover the meat with foil or a lid, and roast for about 4 more hours.

After you take it out of the oven, cut off that fatty layer on top and discard it. The meat should just fall apart! It's so beautiful!

5.) With a fork, stir your pork with your favorite BBQ sauce and make it as thick as you want it.

WHAT?! That's IT?!! You just roast it?! Yes. And it's heavenly.

To make some cole slaw: (this would be ideal to throw it all into a food processor)
Shred 1/2 head of cabbage and some carrots, and add some cole slaw dressing. I use that good stuff in a jar in the refrigerated salad section.

Then just assemble your sandwich! Get some really good bread, or make your own, and enjoy!!! I used Kadie's French Bread recipe, added a touch of whole wheat flour, and just made little rolls instead of a huge loaf. It's SO good - you have to try it!!!

Here's my little marshmallow - I could just eat her instead!


Sarah said...

so glad you posted this :D i was planning on pulled pork for father's day-- my hubby ♥ pulled pork.

queen of everything said...

what a sweet marshmallow

michelleml said...

I have tried this but i use a boston butt or pork butt and cook in the crock pot. It's sooo gooood

alyssa said...

I've been wanting to make pulled pork for the past few days! Need to find the meat first :) Yummy.

Corinne Baird said...

Love those little marshmallow arms! She's so beautiful!

Cindy said...

that is just how i make my pulled pork, except i brown it on the grill to get that great flavor. i am going to try and smoke it for an hour on the grill before putting it in the oven next time.

you are right, there could not be anything easier or better to eat. we love it here.... :D


p.s., she is a pumpkin!!!!