Cooking 101 - Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

For Mother's Day, the kids and I made this heavenly breakfast together! {hubby had to work all night...was en route home at the time...}

I mean, you probably shouldn't have this EVERY day...but it's amazing for special occasions!

Using the Challah bread recipe I posted, you MUST try this!!!


You'll need:
5-6 double-thick slices of good bread. (French bread or Challah)
4-5 Eggs
1 t. Vanilla
Pinch of salt
About 1/4 c. canned milk or half & half

8 oz. block Cream Cheese
1/4 c. (approximately) Strawberry Jam
Fresh strawberries, cut into bite-size pieces
1/4 c. (approximately) chopped pecans or nut of your choice
1/8-1/4 c. Powdered sugar

1.) Heat your griddle.... then mix your filling together. That's right - just toss it all together in a bowl and mix away. If you want more berries, add them. If you want more nuts, add them. You got the idea. Make it to your liking.

2.) Mix your egg batter. I usually add cinnamon to any French toast recipe, but you don't need it here, so don't freak out. Mix your eggs, vanilla, pinch of salt, and a good amount of your canned milk or half & half. Whisk together until well combined.

3.) Bread. If you have an un-cut loaf of bread, cut your pieces double-thick because you're going to cut that in half - BUT NOT ALL THE WAY! Slice your thick piece of bread just until you have a good opening without slicing it completely in half.

Spread some filling into your little pocket and don't skimp! Spread it thick!

4.) Grill. Now this is IMPORTANT! Dip the bread in your egg mixture, soaking up a good amount. BUTTER your griddle or your pan generously. {Please, for the love of all things, don't use Pam Spray - use the butter.}

Cook on both sides until the egg mixture is cooked well. They'll need about 1-2 minutes per side, so adjust your griddle heat accordingly. You don't want to burn these beauties!

5.) Serve. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and top with your favorite syrup. I like maple, but there are tons of yummy syrups out there that would be divine!

ENJOY!!! ...oh, and it's totally okay if your eyes roll back into your skull - they'll pop back out eventually.


Lynaya said...

That looks and sounds soooooo yummy! I can't wait to try it sometime!

Stacey Riggle said...

WOW. This looks amazing and I will be serving it on Father's Day to my french toast fiend!!

Jill said...

This is seriously so wrong! ;) I think I will want to eat this everyday for every meal! BUT I'm pregnant right now and really don't want to blow up any more than I already have...so I'm afraid I'll have to make it for "special" occasions ;)

It looks so delish! Can't wait to make it! Thanks for sharing!! (& glad you're back- I've been MIA too from morning sickness.)

Jamie Lamb said...

Wow! That breakfast looks heavenly! I'll have to try that one soon! I made Challah bread for Easter, it's so yum.

My husband has to pull 30 hr shifts often as well, so I know how it feels! But I try to make meal times nice and special for my kids too--even if we do miss our Daddy! :)

Shelby said...

Oh my goodness! Where was this recipe for mother's day??? I will definitely keep this in mind for father's day! :)

CurlyGirlD said...


Hope your Mother's Day way super special! This recipe looks SOOOO amazing - I have to try it. Thanks for the Challah Bread recipe too. Yum!

Kadie said...

Forget French Laundry, I am coming to your house!

SJ said...

lol sorry, but seriously! wow! thanks for sharing!!

Abbi said...

That looks yummy!