I love Aran Goyoga and Amy Atlas

Whew! We're back from our trip - D.C. was amazing with so many things to see and do. I'm exhausted and I haven't done anything but sit around for days in my home that I missed so much!!! Doing nothing is FABULOUS!

OKAY, so I stumbled upon two incredible women and had to share. Is it possible to be this amazing?! I honestly think it's superhuman. BUT I'VE NOW DISCOVERED MY DREAM JOB!!! You know how some of us non-academic people are like, "If I could go back to school, I'd do..." ?? You know what I'm talking about? Well I've FOUND my THING!! FOOD STYLING!! You get to set up and style gorgeous food, photograph it, and get paid for it! Could there be anything better???? {okay, a food-styler-picture-taker-taster would be even better} What a dream job, eh?!

Now....if there was only more of a demand for it...and if I had some serious training and lived in New York or L.A....and if I knew Martha Stewart personally...this just might work out for me.

Just look at the amazingness and beauty of it...HERE at Aran Goyoga Food Styling. Isn't it the most beautiful food you've ever seen?! HERE is her blog, too. She's my Idol.

The other Superhuman Creative Goddess is Amy Atlas. She plans events and sets up the most AMAZING table displays!!! HERE is her design site - {warning}: you might freak out from awesomeness - and develop a sudden craving for sugar. love her!!!

THEN I found yet another smattering of eye candy...I'm DYING here!!! Check out this cool event planning site - Lollipop Events and Design I've got eyeball cavities, if there is such a thing. Their blog here is full of all kinds of party ideas.


Chanda said...

White I can appreciate the beauty of all that, it just makes me wanna eat!!! When you come across a job where you get paid to eat all the beautifully styled food, let me know.

The Hershey Bryces said...

Love these eye candy sites! Speaking of yummy food, did ya ever make it to Hershey?

Renee said...

eyeball cavities...I love it!

Wendy said...

Hysterical. This would be the dream job. I'd much prefer arranging and photographing to cooking. Thanks for the cute website suggestions. I'm a Mesa, AZ girl...I always think AZ should have grabbed the Sunshine state label.

Jen V said...

I love your blog - I have commented several times and have been so inspired by you! You are on my blog roll too:)

I am doing an awesome giveaway - check it out at www.viettiview.blogspot.com

Everyone is welcome to enter!!

*You'll also see links to your awesome apron tutorial - and a few others:)