Summer Recipe Contest!

Hey all you foodies out there! So here's something a little fun - my girl, Shelly, (a.k.a. Shellz Babe) is having this recipe contest HERE on her blog and I am SO excited because I have like a BAZILLION recipes I'm going to send her! {okay, five - but they're really good} So hurry and get her your recipes because the deadline is June 11th! **I'm just putting the word out - make sure you go to her site for all the details and her email address.**


Terri said...

Here's my summer recipe:
Oreo Casserole

1 package oreos
1 half-gallon vanilla ice cream

Combine the two ingredients in a casserole dish and consume.

Oh, wait - I guess they probably want real food, and after my performance on the fitness challenge, perhaps I ought to avoid this type of "recipe" for the moment! :)

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

I'll go check it out! BTW... I love NatalieDee (from the comic a the top of this post for anyone who doesn't know)

ShellyStout said...

Terri, Sounds Delish! Anything goes in this challenge!